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2020: Mirror for our Transformation


2020 was a year of crazy growth— By growth I mean disruption, adaptation, loss, and transcendence.

Have you been more stuck in disruption and loss, versus adaptation and transcendence?

There’s no “correct” side of the line here. 2020 came in like a Wrecking Ball to our conventional structures. It’s counterintuitive to think we could actually mount, and ride the wrecking ball like a younger, crazier Miley Cyrus.

Many of us have never witnessed disruption and loss quite like this. And, I can honestly say I’ve never witnessed these levels of awareness, adaptation, and transcendence.

Whichever Universal Consciousness you believe in, you have to bow down to how much She, He, or It inspired us to adapt to all of this uncertainty.

As 2020 draws to a close, I hope we can acknowledge every little effort we made to innovate. To open our hearts, deepen our awareness, or to defiantly push for transcendence of our circumstances.

When will your job become your vocation?

Has this year forced you to push for more meaning, fulfillment, or impact?

Writing 2020 off as an awful year is too convenient. The calendar year is never some tidy package of 12 months like an academic, or fiscal year. We can already see these changes and pressures will pick up right where left them on January 1st.

Coaching is the work of personal transformation. It’s not enough to want things to be different. It’s borderline impossible to simply make a list of changes, and then master them in any sustainable way.

If there are magic ingredients in Personal Transformation— it would have to be The 2 Big A’s: Awareness, and Action.



This year has created a profound, often overwhelming level of Awareness. We had to get numbingly clear on how we spend our days, and whether it contributes to the world we need going forward.

Stuff we whined about last year now seems pretty small by comparison. We wonder if we’ve even been showing up to the game we want to win.

We’re more aware than ever of the heart-breaking injustice, inequality, and how fragile our planet truly is.

And, that Awareness creates fuel. It’s the firey spark we need to change. We’re now aware of endless reasons and opportunities to change for the better— to create happier, healthier, and more inclusive ways to live.

All that sobering awareness only creates overwhelm until we attach the second Big A.

Action attached to a specific Awareness gives us a shot at lasting change.









     1.  Create Awareness. What needs to change?

     2.  Deepen your Awareness. Agitate it. Dig around in it.

     < alchemize the fuel>

     3.  Attach any small Action to that Awareness.

     4. Keep showing up. Consistency is everything.

     < Pro-tip: Hire a Coach to keep that fuel burning.>



What is your next appropriate Action(or Actions) based on what you learned in this wild Year of Awareness?



On Saturday I completed an 8-hour, all-day Christmas Meditation with Self-Realization Fellowship. The last time I did the full 8 hours was in 2015, at a temple in Encinitas. I was leaving my corporate career, and we were closing on a new home.

The unmistakable message I received as I left the temple that evening: “Reconciliation is coming. Prepare yourself.”   Not exactly comforting!

After a year like 2020, I needed to deeply connect again. I prayed for all those suffering everywhere, and to somehow integrate the crushing awareness 2020 has given us.

We are in the transition between two worlds. The world we knew (What Once Was) has shaken loose and we’re leaping the chasm of uncertainty— with the audacity of faith that (What Could Be) is waiting there to catch us.

The transition is the hardest part. I think back to the natural births of our 3 kids. Gayle probably remembers more clearly how hard transition actually was. 

In transition, the dark is absolutely the darkest just before the dawn. After such a tumultuous year, this week the solstice harmonized our hemispheres— the oppositional experience of our longest and shortest days.

Saturn and Jupiter stole a kiss in the evening sky, despite being more than 4x further apart than we are from our own sun. Every 800 years they appear to us as 1 heavenly body, despite being 400 million miles apart.

It makes me wonder:

Will our Left / Right, East / West hemispheres ever find harmony?

Will we find the courage to do that work inside ourselves?

Are we willing to give ourselves a taste of that deep Peace?




I left my office the other evening still meditating, chanting, and communing with the Christ Consciousness. The message I felt everywhere was the same I whispered to my incredible wife— at the most intense, darkest moment of each of our 3 transitions.

I prayed a universal prayer, “How do we reconcile such a year of loss? What is my role in this healing?”

The coaching I whispered to Gayle in each of those three impossible moments came back to me. It bubbled up everywhere in the twinkling joy of this season. It spoke through the sparkling eyes of countless Masters. It welled-up in my throat as gratitude, reciprocated in countless coaching sessions:

“You are already doing it. Keep showing up.
 As 1 are healed, many are healed.”

I’m wishing you all the joy, and unceasing blessings that only a year like this can make us present to. 

Be strong, stay present.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. -KC


What is your next appropriate Action(or Actions) based on what you learned in this wild Year of Awareness?


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