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Reclaiming Confidence to Build the Life You Deserve

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Believing we can is everything. I’m thinking of Ted Lasso’s BELIEVE sign in the locker room. In coaching high-performers, I see our confidence (in just about any area) being built through a series of 4 steps.


  1. There is a status quo: “I think I know what I’m doing”

  2. There’s a breach in self-trust. An event triggers: “I have no idea what I’m doing”


  3. We commit to a conscious practice: In a minute we’ll cover 3 things can do today.


  4.  The breakthrough. “I surprised myself! I’m pretty good at this!”



Four simple things my clients practice to keep increasing their confidence.


1. Stay open to building new skills. Maintain a growth mindset, and a curiosity for learning new things. Stephen Covey called this “sharpening the saw”. The app MasterClass is a great resource for learning new things. Be a lifelong student. 

2. Challenge your assumptions, and be grateful for your life experience. Confidence comes and goes for everyone. Don’t settle for the blanket assumption that you don’t have any. What were the skills and experience that got you here? What would people thank you for?

3. Dress to feel great. Dress codes are becoming a thing of the past, especially post-pandemic. However, the care we put into how we look can either bolster our confidence, or take it away.

: if you know you look (and feel) great in a particular color or style— Limit your options. Give yourself a dress code. Steve Jobs became someone of very high confidence. His simple wardrobe was a big part of that equation.

4. Facts create results. It’s easy to stay stuck in a bunch of interpretations of how we’re performing— versus looking at the hard facts.  Facts are neutral, interpretations are often disempowering. Whenever your self-talk heads South, ask yourself: “is this a fact, or an interpretation?” Then get back to work, turning your results into hard facts.


Ever get curious about the set-up or gear people use to appear on TV these days? 


Here’s a quick little spin through what I used yesterday to appear on Good Morning Washington! Happy to answer any questions! 

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