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Get aligned from the inside out.

My purpose is to bring play and curiosity to the brutal work of personal and organizational change. The 4 Permissions™ light up a game we will— and must win.


Use change as fuel for growth.

My passion is coaching women in transition, who are looking to co-create the life they truly desire. Our transitions are massive opportunities.

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Free yourself from the clock to create more.

I coach leaders whose lives feel full-tilt, and in full-bloom. My coaching and programs help us move beyond clock time.

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Scale your vision for our planet.

I am driven by the urgent, intersecting needs of the climate crisis and  sustainability, racial and social justice, global health crises, and more.

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3 Levels of Value


Three stock portfolios made only of companies that “spend aggressively on employee development” each outperformed the S&P 500 by 17-35%.

‘How’s Your Return on People?’
(HBR, March 2014)


“Individuals increase their productivity by an average of 86% when training is combined with coaching— compared to 22% with training alone.”

Personal Management


Nearly 66% of CEOs, senior executives, and/or directors do not receive coaching or leadership coaching, while 100% of them stated that they are receptive to making changes based on feedback. 

Stanford Graduate School of Business (2013)

We prepare leaders for a world in rapid change. We do this through coaching, highly-engaging workshops, retreats, and leadership development— built around our signature 4 Permissions™ framework for conscious leadership.

Our work has been featured in Fast Company, SUCCESS Magazine, Good Morning Washington, Men’s Journal, and more. Our clients range from Amazon, AT&T, Edward Jones, eXP Realty, to smaller purpose-driven organizations. 

Our clients are talking

3 reasons why our quest
for change feels like
such a lonely road

Hard fact that our online culture is a collection of tiny islands.

No one can truly design our lives but us.

We’re not comfortable sitting alone in silence, which strengthens our will power and intuition.

Staying stuck in that cycle troubled me for years. What was I missing? Miraculously, I hit a tipping point while working on myself and began to attract the right resources and mentors.

They helped me claim my own definition of success. Only then did things really start moving.

This was a completely liberating place to create from. It allowed me to rapidly produce my most inspired work— free from self-sabotage and distraction.

I can now see the hard truth: I could’ve arrived at that place of clarity, and aligned “right action” much faster, perhaps, if I had the right coach for me.

What if you had a Partner in this Process ?

Here’s what you get with our 1:1 Coaching

A minimum 6-month commitment

A trained, and proven personal + business transformation coach —to get laser-focused on creating your path, and removing resistance.


On developing your projects from where you are right now, versus some pie-in-the-sky fantasyland.

Access to our arsenal of training materials

Powerful mindset priming tools, resources, processes, and templates to accelerate your progress.

Introductions to our Epic Leadership inner-circle and network:

When you’re looking for equally talented and passionate people to help your cause.

Here's what
you really get.

Powerful reflections + reminders

Of who you are, and what you're capable of. Coaches are a pristine mirror for our clients. We help you see what’s keeping you stuck, and where your opportunities for breakthroughs are.

Loving kicks in the ass

To stay in alignment with what you’re already creating, and clarity when you’re going rogue, or hiding from your greatness.

Direct feedback

On when you’re chasing shiny things, versus doing the harder work of staying on your path.

Infusions of “…infectious positive energy”

To remind you what’s possible.

The strength and focus

To create or deepen a lasting meditation habit, which upgrades all other habits. Moving past The Drinks, or anything you've outgrown.

And much, much more…

Please ask for client references and testimonials.

“…a springboard propelling me forward!”

“Working with KC as I transition my career has been like a springboard propelling me forward. He has guided me in finding the right path while helping me answer (and CRUSH) the “what if” questions that were holding me back. The added bonus, KC’s incredible vibe makes “the work” lighthearted and fun!"
Carrie Zarotney
Founder & Meditation Teacher

A Quick Word...
Who Coaching is For
by KC

The foundation of my coaching is rooted in what I call Ruthless Self-Knowledge. If you have an insatiable curiosity to leverage your unique skills into something sustainable and scalable, you’re in the right place.

I’m drawn to work with people who consider themselves “seekers.” They are less concerned with some fantasy quick-fix, and more concerned with experiencing life and success on their terms.

Taking action on any endeavor, whether a business project, or in doing deep, introspective work, is a requirement. No mystery there. This Epic Life coaching is designed for those who take action each and every day. But we’re less concerned with “action for action’s sake.”

We want to identify and inspire your right-action. These are the priorities that are often the most direct route to your goal.

Clients who have the thirst for self-knowledge are naturally humble. (Note: I didn’t say scared, or self-absorbed.) They are open to learning on all sides, yet confident enough to take action until they achieve the much-craved result. That is who our work seems to resonate with— and who it produces incredible results for.

3 Months is enough to set a strong foundation, but our clients who stay on for a minimum of 6-12 create lasting, transformative results.

When we mutually decide to complete the coaching term, This Epic Life will bless you on with your Project Designs— that if you stick with, will carry you to your Big, Honkin Dream. What’s discussed on our calls is held in strict confidence, to the ethics and standards of the International Coaching Federation.

If you’re not comfortable showing up and talking about what’s really going on— or you’re the type who isn’t willing to take a deep, sometimes hard look at the relationship between how you live and what you contribute — WE WILL NOT BE A FIT.

You won’t get what you need, and will be wasting your money and both of our time.

What is
About Our

We coach clients ranging from those who recently started over, to C-Level Executives running large-scale companies.

When you’re vetting or hiring a potential coach, the first question you should ask is: “Who is your coach, and are you working together regularly?” If the answer is “not really” you are likely talking to an expert, fixer, or consultant.

Nothing wrong with that, except you’re going to need a breakthrough to achieve the results you want. You can’t fix the need for a breakthrough in my experience. I’m constantly reminded how powerful receiving great coaching is to providing coaching.

The quality of our work as coaches is directly related to the quality of the badass coaches we hire to keep us honest, keep us in integrity, and stand for our greatness.

Please also ask where they received their training/certification, and for the distinctions between therapy, coaching, and consulting. This will tell you if you’re talking to a coach, versus someone who is savvy at marketing quick fixes that don’t stick. 🙂

I chose Accomplishment for my training because it is ontologically-based. We studied and practiced hundreds of distinctions to tell when our clients are in their power (Essence), versus Survival Mechanism (or winning strategies). This is commonly referred to as “off the court” coaching.

Most clients hire coaches to hold them accountable, and to produce results. This is “on the court” coaching, and it’s a given. What I’m seeing though, without the “off the court” or “under the hood” piece, we’re not yet the people who can produce the much-craved results.

It takes both sides. I see this in the coaching I receive and the results I generate.

Mindset Practices

Mindset is the battlefield of life and business. Master your mindset, and you’ve mastered the game. These are 6 essential practices for leaders.

Your Ideal Morning

Everything begins and ends with your morning routine. Design and deliver your Ideal Morning, and you’ll be well on your way. Step by step process.

Up-level Your Team

9 years of building an award-winning team culture in just a handful of pages. Learn, and implement the 7 essentials to scaling a powerhouse team.

“…inspired greatness!"

“The older I get, the stronger I believe that being in the presence of greatness makes one greater. KC’s greatness is an adept ability of getting a person to appreciate what makes them great and then gently helping them display it to the world.”
Bobby Meeker
Computer Architect, NVIDIA

What qualifies us to coach?
We are always in process.

I don’t share what follows to impress you. Success has been a long, messy process to align my life with my work. And, if you read my blog or listen to my guided meditations, you know the process continues.

I took the less glamorous, yet more realistic path of redesigning my corporate career into something that inspired me. I’m a husband of 19 years, and a Dad to 3 hilarious nut-ball children. When I’m not helping individuals and organizations create their deepest possible impact, I’m writing and recording music, or leading devotional Kirtan chants.


I’ve been navigating my own personal transformation since 2001. Since 2012 I’ve been interviewed as an authority on work/life balance and human potential in places like Business Insider, have appeared onstage at Wisdom 2.0, TEDx, and Good Life Project events, and in countless conference halls, retreat centers, and podcast interviews. My 75-page blueprint on pursuing and achieving Full-Life Integration has been downloaded over 10,000 times.

Along the way, I’ve tried to spend more time walking my talk than I have marketing myself as some self-appointed expert. I study and practice Kriya yoga through Self-Realization Fellowship. Up until January 2016, I helped build a company from 44 people and $50MM gross revenue, to over 700 strong and $400MM. We did this while winning many Best Place to Work awards (Crain’s, Adage, Fortune, etc)