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Epic Events Educate,
Refocus, & Rejuvenate

What makes an event... epic?

Connection is more important than ever, post-pandemic.

Our retreats & workshops connect leaders to the power of their peers in building alliances. Group facilitation builds trust in others, Emotional Intelligence (EQ), deeper collaboration & problem-solving.

Every (epic) Experience
we deliver is designed
end-to-end around your goals.

Our Secret? Everyone's Full Participation is the Content.

Production begins with a :30-min Experience Design Session.

Event Roadmap.

Is there anything more awkward or painful than being in forced interactions? Epic Events are custom designed to draw your people in, and encourage everyone to play full-out.

It's the Energy.

We've designed and facilitated hundreds of events— With an average Net + Promoter Score of 88%+. World-class is 50%. It's all about the high-levels of intention at every step.

Our clients are talking

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About us.

Earlier on, my programs helped grow a team of 40 people with $40M in sales, to over 900 people with $450M in eight years. We won awards for our culture. Still, signs of burnout were everywhere.
Our clients have proven that rapid growth doesn’t have to include burnout.
Our clients hire more A-Players month over month, and keep them engaged to explode growth. At the center is a more joyful, purpose-driven leadership team.
Epic Leadership is the Architect: of mission-aligned culture, growth, impact, and more.
Kristoffer Carter, CEO & Founder
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