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Client Success
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“Epic Leadership coached me to create a winning keynote around Diversity and Inclusion, which I delivered regularly at Fortune 100 companies and conferences. Their passion and people, brands, and communication is powerful. I highly recommend Kristoffer's team for any project your organization has. They are masters of organizational change in the workplace.”

Netta Jenkins
CEO, Aerodei


"That half-day workshop in Austin elevated our senior leadership team's mindset through focus, fun, music, and inclusivity. Find the right venue for your offsite, and work with Epic Leadership to design and deliver a day that gives your team the greatest possible experience.

Epic Leadership created a safe space to pause and reflect amidst a Go-Go-Go conference. We left with a sense of cross-team, and cross-division connection at the leadership level."
John Hyland
Group VP, Basis Technologies


“Kristoffer Carter is one of the most unique, engaging and successful people you will meet in your life. How many people do you know who went from touring rock star...to top producing Ad Sales Executive...to devout Yogi...to highly successful business owner and coach? This wasn't flailing around...all of his experience was additive. Kris has brought his personal vision to life. If you are looking to do the same for your business or personal life, there's no one better.”

Charlie Thomas
SVP, Epsilon (Publicis)


“Coaching with Epic Leadership challenged who I thought I was, and what I was capable of. I learned how important it is to get my work out there, not just keep the gifts and knowledge to myself.

KC dared me to dream bigger than I thought possible, then made me feel like they were actually achievable. Every session left me believing in my power, my Divinity, and my purpose for this life.”

Dr. Heather Gream
Founder: Balance by Heather PT, DPT, Reiki Master Teacher


"I've seen and been through a lot of cultural definition exercises over the years, and working with Epic Leadership is definitely the one which has been the most productive and lasting. Our Mission & Values are on-point, and I predict they will continue to be so for a long time. We really got them right."

Will Treves
General Manager, Ask Applications


“KC is a man who exemplifies ‘Life On Purpose’, and has become a beacon for all of us to model in our own lives. His passion for coaching others on how to live their life on purpose has allowed so many others to get into their own flow.
His expertise has shown that organizations who adopt his strategies have performed at significantly higher levels while building the leaders of our future. *Highly Recommended*”
Brent Herd
CEO + Founder at Pacifica Partners. Creator: The Awakened Dad.
"Unbounded Energy are the first words that come to mind when I think about KC. He’s helped me the most in developing clarity around how to approach tough problems with enthusiasm for actually Doing The Work."
Bob Gower
Author of Agile Business: A Leader's Guide to Harnessing Complexity
"There’s an old phrase that says you should follow people who have what you want. KC has what all of us want: energy, happiness, focus, and a full, rich life… And he has the gift of being able to teach and inspire."
Eric Zimmer
Creator, One You Feed - Podcast
"KC is that rare integration of deep, non-dogmatic spirituality and practical "get it done" tools and processes. What I love is that he speaks from a place of boots-on-the-ground experimentation and validation."
Jonathan Fields
Author, Founder of Good Life Project™


“An accomplishment directly related to my coaching work with KC… Last week I doubled my income earned through my company by signing a long-term contract for freelance writing that aligns with my calling of educating others about chemical free lifestyle.

This also allows me to work at home and within my health boundaries. KC very literally changed my life.”
Angela Cummings
Founder, Occupant Wellness


“KC has the unique ability to stretch you to new heights while still helping you fully embrace and celebrate exactly who you already are.

He helped me tap into that sacred space between doing and BEING. I am forever grateful for the many breakthroughs that came from our time together and the heart-centered support during that process.”

Jaime “JJ” Weisberg
Founder: Northbound Coaching


“After only a few sessions of working with KC, a girlfriend said: ‘Wow, girl. Your energy is significantly different. Your vibe is high, but you’ve got this inner calm and knowing about you.’

KC’s belief in me helped me start to believe in me. Our work together opened me up to possibility and grounded me in my own knowing.”

Patsy Culp
And, Celebrate!


“The older I get, the stronger I believe that being in the presence of greatness makes one greater.

KC’s greatness is an adept ability of getting a person to appreciate what makes them great and then gently helping them display it to the world.”

Bobby Meeker
Computer Architect, NVIDIA


“Working with KC as I transition my career has been like a springboard propelling me forward. He has guided me in finding the right path while helping me answer (and CRUSH) the “what if” questions that were holding me back.

The added bonus, KC’s incredible vibe makes “the work” lighthearted and fun!
Carrie Zarotney
Executive and Founding Partner of Ashoka U


“I have seen KC in action through many unique lenses (Emcee at a 450-person multi-day event; leader of his own 20-person multi-day retreat; 1-on-1 coach; friend in real, and virtual, life) and I am consistently struck by how, in each environment, he is a facilitator of growth.

He walks his talk and it is through his example that his message speaks the loudest – do the work, the rest will follow. I have found his greatest strength as a coach to be his devotion to living a fully present life and, in doing so, asking the same of me.”
Kate Evers
Senior Compliance Officer


“I worked with KC as a coach to help with my career transition, but I left with vastly more. KC has a magical ability to clear away the clutter. He calmed the waters, helped me face my fears, and pushed me to overcome my limiting beliefs.

Beyond his contagious energy and masterful way of bringing out the best in others, KC offers powerful tools. We created “conditions of satisfaction” for my job search, and a “no” list to help keep my eye on the prize. I almost immediately landed three job offers! BOOM."
Erin Boyd
Executive and Founding Partner of Ashoka U
KC has a unique ability to get others to believe they can do things they are struggling with. He inspired every one of Centro's new hires, as well as me, to be a better, well-rounded person.
Shawn Riegsecker
Founder, CEO Centro Media
In the last year, I have spent well over $10,000 on various business workshops. I can easily say that what KC did for me was by far the best.
Susan Lustenberger
Founder, Consciously Prosper
KC brings his personal habits, practices and disciplines for health, reflection and building brilliant relationships into his work: helping companies create culture that inspires, energizes & drives results.
Karen Wright
MCC, CHC; Author of The Complete Executive
KC came into Greatist HQ & rocked the place. Everyone loved it. I wrote down: 'happiness is the nuclear reactor that drives all of it' because HECK YEAH!
Derek Flanzraich
Founder & CEO, Greatist
Each interaction with KC infuses me, and those all around, with his contagious energy. On several occasions he has presented options that I just couldn't see.
Rachel Gogos
Founder & CEO, brandID, MyPath101