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Thank You for a Great ’23

The Family Circus, Live

I wrote this when our(first) daughter was 2. And, I’ve never had more fun playing and singing it than I did with her (now 19) last weekend.

Come + Find
Your Winter ❄️ Glow 🕯️



The Winter Glow Yoga Retreat, led by Kristoffer Carter
February 23-25th 2024


Permission to Glow returns to Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health.


The shorter days of winter are the perfect time for a weekend escape of yoga and “glowing in the dark.” Yoga reconnects us with our power to create. 


Join us for an immersive, weekend of yoga and meditation to bring my book Permission to Glow to life.

About This Retreat

Deepen your connection to yourself and your yoga practice—as you give yourself 4 powerful permissions:

❄️ Permission to Chill, freedom from limiting thoughts

❄️ Permission to Feel All the Feels, at peace in our heart center

❄️ Permission to Glow in the Dark, our power to realize our dreams, despite our fears

❄️ Permission to Glow in the Light, move beyond comparison and competition

An immersive, daily yoga series to bring his book Permission to Glow to life— yoga teacher and Yoga Alliance board member Kristoffer Carter helps us tap yogic wisdom to light up the challenges of modern life.

“Permission to Glow helps all of us truly live. …surprisingly rich in insight and bubbling over with inspiration!”

-Ani DiFranco. Alternative Folk & Feminist Icon. Bestselling Author of No Walls and the Recurring Dream


"I drove 30 hours round-trip to attend this retreat led by KC, and I'd do it again in a heartbeat because of the impact he had on my life during this week. This retreat was a magical, interactive experience. KC brought energy, music, ambiance, creativity, connection, movement and spiritual practice to create powerful impact and breakthroughs.

He created a safe container for all of us to be vulnerable and witnessed. I was able to truly release old emotional baggage that has been keeping me from living joyfully and in my purpose and I am a different woman because of this experience.

Finally, I am able to anchor into that experience and feel the power of it, as well as my own ability to glow in the dark, when I practice the chants and mudras that KC taught us. Yes, truly EPIC!"

Allison Orlovsky
Founder, Relationship Revolution Milwaukee, WI


"The Joy of Purpose Retreat helped me better define my sources of joy and the obstacles that may hinder it. Likewise, my purpose was clarified, as a Purpose that comes from that joyful intention and higher calling.

I couldn’t have seen this joy and purpose so clearly without the playful, musical and insightful counsel of KC. The 4 Permissions of his instruction and book (Permission to Glow) were the guiding light.

I now have a plan. I have the tools. I have the Joy of Purpose.
 KC is a born leader!"

Deborah Towle
Physical Therapist, Maine

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