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Missing Mission, Hidden Purpose?

This question comes up on an almost daily basis: “I have no idea what my mission or purpose is. How will I know when it shows up?” The short answer is, that’s the human condition. You’re not broken, or behind the rest of the class. The longer answer is below, in an excerpt from my […]

Wake Up: You’re not “Too Busy”

I’m always thinking about ways to summarize themes that come up with clients. The people I get to work with simply amaze me, and their challenges are often universal. As I plug away on writing my book, I’m becoming obsessed with the opportunity of integrating the aspects of our lives that are the most important […]

No Time + Too Many Distractions?

Across my coaching clients, and in looking at my primary challenges, there are 3 primary challenges that mess with all of us. They are particularly challenging because they can seem paradoxical in nature. Do any of these apply to you? Paradox #1. We need to accomplish, or achieve more, with less time to do it […]

TEL #013 – Bass Meditations.01

In my own exploration of the “full life integration” concepts, I decided to throw caution to the wind and mash-up my soul practice with music. I meditated for 60 minutes (energization, hong sau, om, & kriya techniques). And then… …recorded 7 minutes of live bass loops in 1 take. …recorded 1 take of stream-of-consciousness around […]

How to Lead an Epic Life. (Model my Pops)

Below is an excerpt from the Full-Life Integration Manifesto The Origin of The Lens. I’ve grown so accustomed to juggling career, art, and family insanity. Every once in a while some friends or coworkers compliment me on the job Gayle & I are doing raising our kids, and it makes me well up. What bigger […]