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More Evidence for How Retreats Can Change Lives

You know by now we only have 2 speeds around here: off, and completely EPIC, right? 🙂 Get comfortable. Here is what happened in last week’s Costa Rica retreat. Coming down from The Retreat Vibes is something we need to practice (deeply) every time we return from such a life-changing event. Reentry is a combination of […]

Community Feature: Sara-Brannin Mooser— The Strength + Courage to Teach

This week we’re featuring a member of our This Epic Life Community, who I feel radiates the work we do around here. People hear “Permission to Glow in the Dark” and usually think, “Yeah. I want THAT!” However, we usually don’t realize how crucial the other two Permissions are (To Chill, and To Feel All […]

Accelerate Your Career? Cut The Crap, and Throw the Switch

Many of us have this terrible habit of holding our work separate from our higher calling. We start to believe something more noble, inspiring, or high-impact is “out there”, beyond whatever we have on our schedule for today. In the event you need a reminder, your day today was teed up FOR you, not as […]

Read Before Quitting Your Job

No matter how many of us dream of striking out on our own, teams and orgs still make the world go around. Many of my coaching clients who work in companies weigh going into business for themselves, or answering a life-long dream. That was definitely the case with me. I loved the companies I worked […]

Mindset Tools to Conquer Negativity

If Mindset is the Battlefield, We Need Swords, and Shields.  .  Before Michael Phelps launches himself  into a pool to race, he’s already won in his mind. The outcome of the race is a foregone conclusion. The most winning athlete in Olympic history– 23 gold medals, and 28 overall– is a case study in visualization, […]