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No Time + Too Many Distractions?

Across my coaching clients, and in looking at my primary challenges, there are 3 primary challenges that mess with all of us. They are particularly challenging because they can seem paradoxical in nature.

Do any of these apply to you?

Paradox #1. We need to accomplish, or achieve more, with less time to do it and more distractions.

Paradox #2. Multitasking becomes necessary, even when the neuroscience shows we suck at it.

Paradox #3. The longterm happiness and success 
 we deserve seems to be on the other side of an occasionally unhappy, or frustrated day-to-day.

In this video below I lay out a simple practice I use each day to minimize distractions and regain focus.

It’s a simple clarifying process. At the beginning of each day as you sit down to work, answer these 3 simple questions. You can write them down, or speak them aloud to yourself. See what comes up for you. The second step is of course to take action on what you wrote down.

1 – What is 1 thing I am willing to say YES to today?
2 – What is 1 thing I am willing to say NO to today?
3 – What is 1 thing I am willing to ASK FOR today?





Adventures in Workflow Design:
The Integrated Workstation


Today’s setup features a $50 music stand for a standing desk. I use a yoga mat on the floor for the feet. I order (and burn) Nag Champa in bulk to maintain The Vibe.  The green smoothie is a Vitamix of banana milk, pineapple, kale, ice, banana, and protein powder.

Today’s integrated workstation. How we work in a given day should be dictated by the client needs.

For my fellow integration-obsessed people, how we work can honor the 5 Non-negotiables: Soul, Vitality, Family, Art, and Work. Our work can be a spiritual practice, an exercise in vitality, an expression of art, and be in service of clients + family. Integrate it all, I say!

I’m designing a sick “Cookbook” of Integration Rituals for November’s Encinitas Retreat:
The Integrated Life: Design. Practice. Live it.

Shoot me a note, or register now.

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