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Missing Mission, Hidden Purpose?

This question comes up on an almost daily basis:

“I have no idea what my mission or purpose is. How will I know when it shows up?”

The short answer is, that’s the human condition. You’re not broken, or behind the rest of the class.

The longer answer is below, in an excerpt from my forthcoming book, due out later this year.


Non-Negotiable #1: The Soul.

However cool you think you are (ego), you are way cooler than you realize (Soul). Our limited ego perspective misidentifies our body, accomplishments, or failures as who we are. But when we’re in our flow, we know the truth that we are so much more. To leverage the massive, complete iceberg of our Higher Selves, we must nurture that relationship the same way we would any other.

The missed opportunity of a lifetime is to squander our days in meaningless pursuits that don’t bring us joy. Listening only to the direction of others, or being guided unconsciously by the whims of our ego clouds our understanding of what we truly want. As a result, our singular mission of this lifetime gets buried in mountains of static and conflicting information. We thought, “achieving that should’ve brought me happiness”, or “if only I had time to do this”. We stay wrapped up in our noisy little heads, chasing the projected dreams of others who may or may not be capable of experiencing the joy we’re seeking.

To move beyond the cultural myths of what you should be doing, you can’t continue to look outward at the world— expecting it to provide clear marching orders. Sooner or later you realize that you are the one who must write your Owner’s Manual for your epic life.

To do this, you must navigate from the inside out. When you become intent on clearing any and all static on a daily basis, your mighty soul can speak. When the static is clear you’ll hear the answers.

Your marching orders will appear.

Successful integration hinges on our ability to tap our soul. Getting to what most excites, and engages you at a soul level carries immense power. There could be plenty of things that interest us intellectually, but only a handful that touch us deeply and feel like a soul-calling. This resonance is handy to get us motivated and moving, but it plays an even more crucial role when the going inevitably gets tough. Our soul calls us back to ourselves, to what we’ve identified to be our Highest Truth, or Highest Work.

We may sense that our soul is some smaller aspect of a greater Divinity. Paramahansa Yogananda referred to this as our “little wave in the vast ocean of bliss”. Our opportunity, is that these personal aspects of individualized consciousness have guidance systems built in. We can feel when we’re moving toward, or when we’re moving away from what our soul really wants.

We can sense what the soul expects of us, and how that will lead us someplace better.


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