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15 Minutes to More Certainty


…one of the best guided meditations I’ve heard in my entire life
and twenty years of practice.-D.


How do you find certainty in uncertain times?

Where can you focus to bring yourself out of worry or anxiety, and back to a baseline of hopeful expectation?

I always start with my breath: How am I breathing? Am I even aware of my breath? From there, you can inventory what you are certain of, which tends to take the edge off whatever you’re overly-anticipating.

Uncertainty manifests in varying degrees, but as my friend Jonathan Fields laid out in his ground-breaking book “Uncertainty: Turning fear into fuel for creative brilliance” therein lies the opportunity… for us to lean into the void and create something of more value than whatever we were fearing.

By even a little awareness of our power to control our breathing, we regain access to some of of our deepest truths: that we are loved, that we are of singular value, and that we have the power to choose what we hold on to— good, or bad.

True control may be futile, but a sense of control absolutely helps weather these storms and swells.

This 15 min ambient-meditation includes:

  • A visualization to stabilize your breath and focus to create more certainty
  • Process for becoming the calm in the storms of the people around you.
  • Learn more about the book Uncertainty by Jonathan Fields here.

Access this meditation, as well as my full library within the the Insight Timer App.

Free on the iTunes App Store. Download it for Android and iOS here.


What other topics for guided meditations would be most useful to you?

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