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Release, Receive – Guided Meditation

Binaural guided meditation. Completely receive the fullness of every breath— while releasing everything that doesn’t serve you. Find the equanimity you need to keep pushing toward your biggest dreams.

Meditation for a Powerful New Year

Who did 2017 prepare you to become? Could 2018 be the year? There is so much powerful hope heading into a new year. I knew 2018 couldn’t begin the same as any other, so I launched a Bat Signal to have friends, clients, and students join me from around the globe for a guided meditation. […]

How to Fly: Drop the Judgment

I discovered a fun, yet powerful spiritual practice on my flight from Silicon Valley back home to Ohio. Would love for you to try it and report back your results. At some point in every long flight, we run out of snacks, comfort, our motivation to work, or our ability to hold our pee. We […]

25 Min – Deepest Gratitude Meditation

This week’s theme is tapping into our Deepest Gratitude. Being grateful for what we have takes us out of that state of striving & frustration from not having everything we want right this second. This meditation reminds us: We are 1, we are complete, we have access to everything we need at all times. This […]

Focus: For Creating Your Life’s Work

  In the early stages of a massive creative endeavor or project —something we’re called to do— how do we carve out the time it takes to even get started? Once we’re rolling, how do we protect the sacred time we need to make progress, while the relentless demands of life and work line up […]