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Guided Meditation: Aligning your Wins for Dream Achievement


Could you use a process to reconnect with, and reignite forward motion toward your highest goals? This guided meditation will help.

Let’s be honest: “Dream Achievement” sounds corny as hell. Lol. But you know that I know it’s crucial for our happiness, & sense of fulfillment! I still subscribe to Earl Nightengale’s definition of success as the …progressive realization of a worthy ideal.

Pursuing our dreams leads us toward becoming something more. I don’t intend to let my dreams die on the vine, and you shouldn’t either. If having dreams is corny, so be it. In my experience ignoring your dreams feels like perpetual tension at its best, and certain death at its worst.

Too often we stay stuck in striving for future goals, while letting the gratitude slip for what we’ve already accomplished. Accelerating toward our dreams requires an inventory of our past, present, and future accomplishments.

Recently I’ve been inspired by a few timely readings, which I share at the end of this podcast episode. (Trust me, you will be too.)

New ambient guided meditation from KC (kristoffer carter) of www.ThisEpicLife.com.
Recorded live on The Pause global meditation meet-up, June 25th 2015.

The theme for this session is Dream Actualization.

This 25 min meditation includes:

  1. A visualization to  inventory recent, upcoming, and future accomplishments.
  2. Process for amplifying your gratitude to drive you toward your dreams.
  3. Inspiration from Dallas Clayton’s “An Awesome Book.” Learn more here. Better yet, just grab a copy for someone you love.

For more episodes, please visit: epicleadership.org/thepause

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Full library of free guided meditations are also available on the iTunes podcast app.
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