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20 Min Meditation – “Joyful Expectation”

This guided meditation was recorded live on our weekly, free, meditation meet-up. Learn more and join us here.

Experiencing Summer as an adult isn’t quite the same as when we were kids. Often we’re chained to a computer inside working, while the great weather is calling us outside to play.

One thing is for certain: We can’t make progress on work that matters when we’re stuck in a state of foreboding, stress, or worry.

Whenever we can get a foothold into hope, we have the opportunity to pull ourselves up into a state of joyful expectation. This is where progress just tends to flow without much “blood, sweat, and tears.”

Could you use a bit more intentional #JOY in your life? This guided meditation will help you inventory your current projects, motivate you toward their completion, and help you relocate the s-p-a-c-e you need to sustain the joy.

Ambient Guided Meditation from Kristoffer Carter (kc) of @ThisEpicLife. Recorded live on The Pause global meditation meet-up, June 18th 2015.

For this session, the theme is “Joyful Expectation”. I’ve found that cultivating a joyful attitude takes focused work. It’s not as simple as denying everything that may be bringing you down.

It takes deliberate, powerful reminders: “You come through for yourself, and for others because that is what you do. You joyfully request, and expect the most benevolent outcome.”

This 20 min meditation includes:

1) A visualization to anchor your focus, and help you recommit to your long term dreams and projects.
2) Inspiration to put the time into creating your practice
3) Basic direction on posture, correct breathing, and getting your own attention

For more episodes, please visit: epicleadership.org/thepause

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Full library of free guided meditations are also available on the iTunes podcast store. Search “This Epic Life” podcast.

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