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Meditation to Feel Connected

What a wonderful kick-off to our Thursday virtual meditation group!
4 continents represented.

In case you couldn’t make it, we took the audio from the 30 minute
session and edited it as a stand-alone guided meditation.

Look forward to rocking out more of these each week with all of you.

Please let me know your thoughts, or ideas in the comments below!

Many thanks, and namaste. -kc











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11 Responses

  1. KC, I loved our session together this morning! I felt an amazing connection all around the world! Such great energy.
    I am grateful that you said yes to Susan Piver’s challenge – it was well intended and timely for you…and for me…and for all of us.
    Lots of gratitude! LB

  2. KC – Thanks so much for The Pause! I felt so connected around the globe – the energy was incredible. I’m so glad you took Susan Piver up on her challenge. It was just the right action…at just the right time…for me and others.
    With amazing gratitude…LB

    1. My pleasure, sister! It felt really good. I actually used the guided meditation today to try it out and it was really cool. hahaha. Excited about what we discovered together. Technology CAN connect people at a soul level. Much love -kc

  3. KC I am so grateful for your work! This is SUCH a huge help at this very moment in time & space. Felt like you were right there in the room. Well done my friend!

    1. This filled me with such joy to see you in here Mariana. Partially cuz you’re such a rad human and partially cuz I know you’ve needed something like this. Powerful when those 2 things align. Thanks for listening and above all thanks for showing up for YOU. Much love.

  4. Greetings from Akron! Thanks for the pause today. I’ve been using meditation every day since your visit a few weeks ago. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Hello KC,

    thank you for uploading these “the pause” sessions. I was unable to make it to a live session so far, but i really appreciate your efforts. It was your “meditate now” program that helped me to start meditating nearly 5 months ago and i feel that these sessions will help me to focus even further.


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