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Life Capture Tutorial: 8-minutes toward sharing your handwritten post-its

What is Life Capture, and why should you care?

The world deserves your creative contribution, sense of humor, or unique perspective on a beautiful moment.


As with many of life’s most important issues, we can find a Back to the Future metaphor in here somewhere. Recall in the first film, when  Doc Brown is marveling over Marty’s big ass VHS camcorder in 1955. He calls it a “portable film studio” and says “No wonder your President is an actor. He has to look good on television.”


The technology you’re carrying
around in your pocket right now presents
limitless creative &
communication possibilities.

We can either lament how crazy and distracted all this gadgetry and information makes us (and believe me, the more I meditate the less I need technology), -OR- we can be grateful we’re alive at a time where we can create, capture, and share our lives in real time.
Last week on a flight, I needed to work on the in-flight WiFi. At some point my IT Department in Chicago took control of my machine to install system updates. While I was on a plane at 30,000 feet. <Mind. BLOWN.> In these moments I realize  technology has the potential to be its own artistic medium.


Don’t take MONEY! Don’t take FAME! Don’t need no credit card to ride this train…
My Grandfather was The Original Gangsta of analog Life Capture. The shelves of his family homestead are still lined with volumes of beautifully curated scrapbooks and photos, all organized by year. I can find my little self in the late 70’s volumes, brimming with life and possibility… The magic filter of Poppa’s epic lens..
 I often think of how Pops would completely dominate all this technology if he were still around.

About the Tutorial Video Below.

This first video takes you through the basics of creating, editing, and sharing handwritten “post-it” notes across your networks.
Within 2-3 minutes, we can now scribble a moment of inspiration, photograph it in HD, and simultaneously, instantly distribute it to thousands of people. Meanwhile, it is also archived within my Evernote hub so my children can access it someday if they need to. Their little beautiful lives are shared in real time, and we often go back to watch their baby videos and photos together. On my phone, from anywhere at any time.
I honestly believe this is so much more than vanity, or clutter, or a means of spreading propaganda. Think of the rocket ship rise of Pinterest, the fastest site in history to reach 10 Million users. Think of the combined influence of Twitter & Facebook in our day to day lives. They are the means of sharing ideas and information.

Only the most useful, entertaining,

or inspiring creations
rise to the top.


We’ll go deeper into Life Capture in later videos. The goal with all of this stuff is to see how far we can push it using *ONLY* our phones.

Please let me know if you have additional comments or questions I can address in future tutorials.

Example of a fully-iPhone produced video.

I also wanted to share a quick example of something I threw together on a return flight from a weekend trip. This kind of stuff used to take us hours on computers, moving massive files around outboard drives, etc.

Now it’s possible to snag a couple free apps, shoot some HD video and pics with the phone, download our favorite tune from iTunes, and release our documented perspective within a matter of minutes.

All told, this video below took me about 45 minutes to produce. The gorgeous song by the way, is Joseph Arthur’s “Yer Only Job”. It’s part of a 24-track double album that’s available for free download on his site. Talk about a guy who uses every possible medium & technology for Life Capture…

Please let me know if you have additional comments or questions I can address in future tutorials.

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4 Responses

  1. Wow, cool stuff KC! Thanks for sharing this. I’ve wondered how and why you were using those post-it’s to share your wisdom.

    Really cool idea. Not sure I have the courage yet to tackle my own, but I love how simple you’ve made it.

    This is quickly becoming my favorite site.

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