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Playlist For Transformation

The most direct route to your goals is found in what I call your “integration points”.

This is where we can stack our daily practices to weave together the 5 Non-Negotiables (Soul, Vitality, Family, Art, and Work.)

In the Framework Manifesto I outlined the Lens, and the Non-Negotiables. I’ve always intended to dive deeper into Full-Life Integration.

There are 10 integration points.


The First is Soul + Vitality


When we follow-up a morning meditation with a walk in nature, a healthy juice, or a brisk run, good things happen. Not only are we shaking the cobwebs loose in our bodies, we’re optimizing the mind-body connection.

Meditation (Soul) is about clearing all the static and creating a pristine canvas to paint our day on.

Then, our vitality practice gets our endorphins kicking, so we can work in unison with these incredible body machines.

Integration bends time in your favor, and your inner-wisdom and determination expands. It also saves loads of spinning our wheels in exhaustion.

I don’t share this image to impress you. All of our daily milestones are relative. Besides, maybe I need an hour of meditation and a 4-mile run to feel sane!

Besides, it’s not the duration of time we spend. It’s how deep we’re willing to practice. The 4 miles follow a meditation, but carry the mind of meditation down the trails. Add in binaural ambient beats, chanting, or my guru’s inspiring words in my ears, and you can imagine the Upward Spiral we’re going for.



Maybe the dragon we’re meant to chase lives in stillness, and hides down the trails. When you integrate Soul + Vitality, your priorities lock into position and gateways of possibility swing open through the day.

Soul + Vitality reminds us who’s in control, so we can get back to enjoying ourselves, and allowing our success to happen. <click to tweet

Here are a few examples of Soul + Vitality Integration practices I’m including in the “Integration Cookbook” for the retreat. The important thing, is to increase the heart rate, and then reintroduce some aspect of a Soul practice.

  1. Listening to an audio recording of your Lens Statement while running.
  2. Chanting, or listening to chants while running. (Crazy powerful!)
  3. Listening to uplifting podcasts while walking in nature.
  4. Many forms of Yoga certainly qualify. 🙂
  5. Gratitude practice while you’re at the gym.
  6. Gratitude Visualization of all the amazing people who have paid you money (your clients/employers).
  7. Journaling Gratitude (or 5-minute journal) while drinking a cold-pressed juice.




I wanted to share the playlist I created for “The Integrated Life” Retreat in November. Woolworths was out of Memorex cassettes, so Spotify will have to do. I love to share music that accelerates personal transformation.

“Music was one of the first languages I fully understood, and could express with any level of confidence. It always represented pure joy and fathomless power.”  -The Framework Manifesto

These are songs I’ve used to integrate my life over the last 5 years. They honor the 5 Non-Negotiables.

This music will inspire and entertain, but many of these tracks also fuel deep focus, creativity, and nourish The Soul. I even threw in a couple of my own. Please let me know if you have any good additions below.




  • Learn more, and claim one of the few remaining retreat spots by registering here.
  • Full catalog for The Integrated Life: Design. Practice. Live it. Retreat is here
  • View some stellar drone footage of Yogananda’s Meditations Gardens here
  • Recap of our family’s month in Encinitas that transformed my life + career is here.

Do any of your self-care rituals include Soul + Vitality together? Would love to hear what works for you!

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