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All The Things – How a Song Evolves

Songwriting continues to be a mystical, sometimes frustrating, and always rewarding process. I had the idea to write my wife Gayle a song for Mother’s Day. There were a couple ideas terrorizing me— either in little melody snippets, or non-sensical lyrical ideas that wanted to rhyme. On Friday, while I was sitting in my office, […]

Why You Must Celebrate Your Wins

On Friday I hit a major milestone in my business. The milestone itself is less important than what I learned by celebrating it— by building a gigantic Lego set with our kids. This family build was so epic, I had to document it in time-lapse. Our son Leon (7) co-produced, and built about half of […]

Wake Up: You’re not “Too Busy”

I’m always thinking about ways to summarize themes that come up with clients. The people I get to work with simply amaze me, and their challenges are often universal. As I plug away on writing my book, I’m becoming obsessed with the opportunity of integrating the aspects of our lives that are the most important […]

Simplifying + Aligning Your 2018

If you need an inspiring crash-course in my framework of Full-Life Integration™, you should listen to this week’s interview with Joel Zaslofsky on the Smart and Simple Matters Podcast. I’ve walked listeners through this process on many podcasts over the years, and I can honestly say Joel’s was the most fun, clear, and inspired conversation. […]

How to Navigate Horrific Media

  I will gather all dusty sorrows from the attic of memory, and cast them into the fires of oblivion. -Paramahansa Yogananda   How can we quickly drop the stories that hold us back, while we’re getting bombarded by horrific news? These earth-shaking weeks only seem to be coming more fast and furious. The challenge […]