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How to Navigate Horrific Media


I will gather all dusty sorrows from the attic of memory,
and cast them into the fires of oblivion.

-Paramahansa Yogananda


How can we quickly drop the stories that hold us back, while we’re getting bombarded by horrific news? These earth-shaking weeks only seem to be coming more fast and furious.

The challenge is that life can become heavy, or we can be left feeling powerless. In this video I discuss ways to move beyond the media circus. We need to channel our power into productive directions.

To do this, we need to replace our current story something better.

Timestamps and topics are below.

:00 – :39 – Welcome, the magic of burning Paulo Santo

:40 – Need to drop our stories, Yogananda affirmation

2:40  –  Process for dropping your unconsciously (negative) stories.

“What aspect of your current reality are you struggling with?

What is the story you tell repeatedly that’s attached that outcome that on longer works for you?”

4:20 –  Becoming aware and telling a better story.

5:07 – Examples from FB community: “No one cares what I care about!”

9:06 – Telling a better, more powerful story. Examples.

10:23 – Navigating our negative news media, Las Vegas shootings

12:10 – From powerless to empowering. Tom Petty + LV. Where to begin?

13:50 – Gratitude rampage

14:40 – Unicorn Vomiting Rainbows

15:29 – Good outweighs evil in the world. Yogananda’s words: “…One beam of light.”

17:00 – Drop the story + final thoughts.


ENCINITAS RETREAT: 11/12 – 11/14



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