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Vulnerability Friday. Excited, and oddly nervous to share this with you. I wrote a song to reflect on 5 years beyond the drinks. 5 years ago today I polished off my last beers. Thousands of polite declines since.

Somehow all of it made into this song, “Autopilot”. While on our family’s sabbatical in December 2015 I attended an all-day Christmas meditation.

That experience of floating out of the temple on a spiritual high, then being confronted with so many past versions of myself at the bars… Stuck with me.

In the end I have only love, zero-judgment, and compassion for my fellow travelers. Drinks, or no drinks… The quest of this 1 precious life is so much bigger than booze.

Celebrate with me? Please share if you feel inspired. Soundcloud link is below to listen and download the track.


Last night I dreamt our temple spilled into the street
After a day of lotus bliss on silent retreat
We floated off, wide-open hearts for anyone we’d meet
on New Year’s Eve

All of the bars had lines wrapped around the block
Every crowd a loud laughing drunk kinetic shock
and any face could have been mine
I smiled as I walked
through New Year’s Eve

All my drinking days
were all fun and games
’til my autopilot
lost it’s way

Tonight I shouldn’t lose my wallet or my keys
Just don’t assume I must’ve battled some hard disease
I’ll never judge you, or your hot pink daiquiris
not on New Year’s eve

All my drinking days
were all fun and games
’til my autopilot
lost it’s way

Kicking the drinks, one tiny baby step
Boring on paper but more radical the farther you get
There’s nowhere to hide when I’m triggered or upset
If the party’s over it hasn’t happened yet

No more wasted days
more fun and games
my autopilot
is out of my way

© 2017 Kristoffer Carter, ASCAP


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“Something about Celtic music and the month of March that has had me tempted many a time recently! As with every choice NOT to drink in these past months since The New Sobriety, I’m always…ALWAYS…so happy I redirected
those energies elsewhere.” 
 – B.K. Cincinnati, OH

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