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New Site + 9 Years of Sobriety

Last Week We Launched Our New Site We are celebrating the launch of our new site, and my new book’s site today— and realized it’s Alcohol Awareness month!   This month I’m celebrating 9 wild years sans booze. Last year definitely made me want to drink.    Instead I kept meditating, and wrote a book.   […]

Community Feature: Sara-Brannin Mooser— The Strength + Courage to Teach

This week we’re featuring a member of our This Epic Life Community, who I feel radiates the work we do around here. People hear “Permission to Glow in the Dark” and usually think, “Yeah. I want THAT!” However, we usually don’t realize how crucial the other two Permissions are (To Chill, and To Feel All […]

6 Years Sober. Yesterday however…

The Drinks are 6 years behind me this month, but their pull shows up in other ways. I considered buying a 14,000 square foot church yesterday for instance Of course our community needs a This Epic Life Temple. I mean, of course we do! I would go! It’s that pull of abandoning our becoming to […]

The #OCTSOBER Challenge

In a week of hurricanes, rampaging wildfires, and nuclear rhetoric, do we need one-more thing to be freaked out about? Apparently not, which could be the reason adults are checking out, and drinking more than ever before. This new research creeped me out: While underage drinking has declined in recent years, adult consumption increased across […]


Vulnerability Friday. Excited, and oddly nervous to share this with you. I wrote a song to reflect on 5 years beyond the drinks. 5 years ago today I polished off my last beers. Thousands of polite declines since. Somehow all of it made into this song, “Autopilot”. While on our family’s sabbatical in December 2015 […]