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Partying Harder 5 Years Sober


I blinked (not drink’d), and my 5-years of#SOBRIETY is coming up in a few weeks.

There have been many raging parties before, and since. Last weekend we threw my wife a fairly wild birthday bash.

I love partying more than ever. Not-drinking has only amped my love of parties. Ask our guests. LOLz.

Was drinking less any part of your resolutions in 2017? (It was always part of mine in the years leading up to quitting in 2012.)

But not everyone needs to quit. I’m certain of that.

I’m also certain that all drinkers need more and more heightened awareness surrounding their relationship with The Drinks.

Cuz even bottom-shelf Drinks are craft-y. They dampen Our Vibe in subtle, and not-so-subtle ways. They lie to us, telling us on one hand how we need them to be fun or interesting, yet also that we don’t actually need them but REALLY deserve them.

Sobriety doesn’t have to be some puritan renunciation of fun. It’s the brave acceptance of #TRUTH. <-click to tweet

The Truth that percolates up inside each of us.

The Truth that gets quelled, or drown out by that first glass of the night.

The Truth that nags at us to become more, express more, or expand our heart to encompass everyone and everything.

The Truth that buckles beneath an ego that loves what it sees through beer goggles.

Most of us aren’t interested in less booze. We’re interested in More Truth.

Your Soul is so #AMPED that booze is a buzzkill.

If I’m grateful for anything over these last 5 years, it’s that renegotiating my relationship with The Drinks prepared me to allow greater truths to express through my choices and actions.

Is it always easy? BWAH HA HAHAHAHAHH. Not quite.

Is it always ultimately fulfilling?

When you’re in love with living, (vs. mildly enjoying the avoidance of real life like I was in my 20s and early 30s), all cliches become true:

The Truth sets you free.

You look around through clear, joyful eyes and take stock in the Miracles that happened despite you. Or The Drinks.

Someone’s smallest courtesy warms your heart. Your kids make you beam. Your smile regains High Voltage.

You wake up meditate, then run, then run the kids to school, then run your business.

Our work together is to maximize, and accelerate your inner journey. Step 1 is to reassess, and break old outdated shackles as necessary.

Where you’re going you don’t need…. roads. (Or a buzz to drive on them.)

I’m relaunching The New Sobriety™ soon. Do you want to make a small investment in 30-Days that can potentially radically change your life?

At the very least you will likely laugh at yourself. And your crazy partying friends. And perhaps shed some tears of inner realization.

I’m 5 years sober, and I can quite honestly say that I need this. As a participant and as your humble facilitator. Can’t think of a better way to celebrate than depriving my Grumpy Bear of something it craves for 30 days.

All participants take the 30-day challenge, and I pick a current bad habit.

LET’S DO DIS. Can I answer any questions? All details launching soon!!! Join the early-notification list below if you haven’t yet.


Learn More About
The New Sobriety™ AND
Request an Invite HERE





“Definitely do it. Even if you are just curious. Such a supportive non- judgmental group! TNS is an opportunity to explore a different way to live. It’s also great if you recognize you need help and support but don’t feel like you fit the AA model.”


Kate R.

“I would highly recommend The New Sobriety. The program was enlightening and, it’s no exaggeration to say, pushed me to save my own life. It helped me do something I never thought I’d be able to do again – be a happy, vibrant, sober person.”

John S.
Toledo, OH

“The New Sobriety™ has changed the way I look at drinking. At the beginning, I was very nervous, because the drinks had become way too much of a habit. It has been an eye opening experience, and I have become so much more aware. If you are ready to take yourself to the next level, I highly recommend the program.”

Greta W.
Orange County, CA

“The New Sobriety™ has been such a positive opportunity to spend time without The Drinks and see how that works in my life. The messaging, materials and support are happy and upbeat. This isn’t your mama’s AA group!”

Toronto, Ontario

“I would not hesitate to recommend The New Sobriety™ to everyone. I was inspired to really dig deep into my relationship with alcohol and have been blown away by the results! I am on Day 52 of no alcohol and I don’t plan on drinking any time in the near future. I am, as KC would say, ‘paired down, sharped-eyed, and awake’.”

Portland, OR



Learn More About
The New Sobriety™ AND
Request an Invite HERE

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  1. I must commend you for this program! Making it Stopping the DRINKS does not sound a death knell like AA or a Doctor does, makes it seem not so overwhelming to a 40 year alcohol addiction!!! Publishing the drink calculator is genius, it’s hard to argue with black and white dollar figures and when shown to the person is an extreme eye opener!! Thank You Thank You!!!!

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