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Your 2013: Was it Magical, or Forgettable?


It’s likely we’re taking an inventory of this crazy year we’re prepping to exit.

How did it go for you?

Were you able to carve out new freedom and expression, or did your clients and bosses lead you around by your hair?

“A little bit of both”, would be my honest answer. However, since I re-oriented my path as a “3-year build” it has opened up considerable more freedom, compassion, space, and believe it or not, focus.

All this achievement stuff (be it creating a thriving family environment, deepening our soul practice, tackling that half marathon, or fast-tracking our careers) can easily create a Grind Scenario.

We enter a new year with the best intentions. All that hope, optimism, and little voice inside that suggests “2014 could be our year” is definitely real. Maybe we sit down and scrawl some resolutions.

What I’ve experienced over and over and over and over (to downright maddening levels) is that we can resolve all we want for our outward experience to be different. But, unless we’re the slightest bit willing to change ourdamnselves, nothing will.

Without a commitment to making minor, daily tweaks, the shiny New Year dulls into the latest arc of a really flat situation comedy. Cynical asshats will tell you “that’s life”, or “this is all there is.”

Our lives are on loan from wherever you think they originate. We enter the world owing each other the world. It’s irresponsible to trudge through, hoping for things to be different.

I was the classic jackass who tried to change everyone else. Band mates, coworkers, “The System, Dude.” I would bend the rules in my favor to make myself appear perfect. But clearly I was a hot mess.

So when I share my profound gratitude for this year I’m wrapping up, it’s from a place of just being happy to BE HERE. Let alone, serve. Let alone, laugh my ass off. Let alone, hug on this family ‘til their stuffing comes out.

We all have that marketer inside that loves to rattle off our accomplishments. But the more I practice my Kriya yoga, and sharpen the resolution on my HD Happy-Ass Lens, I feel less inclined to talk about the past.

I just work here. The more I understand how my wacky-ass path toward self-realization benefits others… I’m more inclined to share. It’s what my Pops taught me as a kid, but I conveniently forgot until a few years ago.

I can safely call 2013 my best year ever because all 5 of my metrics were sufficiently pegged. Red-lined on the LOVE meter. If you’ve read my work, you may recall my “non-negotiables” of Soul, Vitality, Family, Art, and Work. Miraculous events in all of those areas happened this year, despite me.

Yet, unlike every other year I didn’t start off by making a list of the crap I wanted to accomplish, the money I wanted to make, blah blah blah.

I simply realigned with my non-negotiables, and doubled-down on showing up.

When you’re in love with the crazy ingredients of yourself, most tasks become a pleasure. Profound enjoyment pulls you up outta The Grind Scenario.

I can share no better process on transforming your life, or your 2014 than what follows. This is the first time I’ve felt compelled to offer a live training program, because well, HELL YES WHY NOT YOU GUYS?!?!?! A chance to work with the people I love and admire? Wait til you see the staff of Subject Matter Badasses. I would *pay* to chill with any single one of them for 5 hours, but we’ve gottem for free.

When I ask you how 2013 went for you, did you swell with gratitude, or recoil into Facepalm Position?

It’s totally cool if you Facepalm’d. Those fortunate few who were blessed with an incredible year only return on January 2nd with higher stakes, raised expectations, and the a need to prolong the magic.

What I’m about to share with you will take 5-minutes. If you feel you could benefit from aligning your 2014 resolutions with the singular Powerhouse that is Y-O-U, or you know someone who could benefit, all I ask is that you take us up on it. Some click to Tweets are below to help spread the word.

It’s completely free. Recommendation though: Don’t wait to REGISTER. It’s filling up shockingly quick, and I’d love to see my most eager classmates to my left and right on January 2nd.

I’ll be feverishly designing my best year ever right alongside you. I literally can’t wait! Please let me know if you have any questions in the comments below.

Please feel free to share the love! Many thanks. Any questions? Let’s hear’em! -kc

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4 Responses

  1. This is what I’ve been looking for homeboy. Didn’t see that coming! Thanks for putting this together. Signed up as well!

  2. Kris, it’s been cool to watch your journey with the manifesto and over this past year. You’re really out there “doing your thing”. Very inspiring.

    Can only hope to design such a year for myself in 2014.

    Here’s to trying! Thanks for all you do.


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