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Thursday Morning Prayer

When my list is longer than the day I have to complete it,
I’ll take it as another sign that I’m getting everything I’ve asked for
My life is expanding in ways I can’t comprehend
I can either whine about how busy I am, how little time there is
Or I can acknowledge all the treasures around me
The vast majority of which are your beautiful souls
With your love to share
And I’ll remember that this life — this very second
Is 1000x more amazing
than anything that ever
made it on some list to be worked out and checked off once complete
Because it’s in the incompleteness that more opportunities arise
for us to shine on and on and on
Changes and challenges will remain relentless
It’s how we bob & weave, sway &  flow
And most importantly, how we keep laughing at all of it
Because you have got to admit, it’s pretty fucking entertaining.

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