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TEL Podcast #001 :: Jonathan Fields

Podcast: From recovering lawyer to digital monk…
The epic journey of Jonathan Fields


Episode 001 of This Epic Life Podcast features entrepreneur, author, and speaker Jonathan Fields.

Key takeaways:

1) Mindset as a driver for entrepreneurial success
2) Using the love of family to drive success
3) Jonathan’s personal mindfulness practice

Download the MP3 file HERE (24MB, 128k)




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11 Responses

    1. Oh heck YES! I had a REALLY hard time editing it. Lots of cool little things in there. You set the bar high, Fields.

      The Fields Abides. Thanks. Love the family stuff in there… Great conversation.


  1. Hi KC,

    Just stumbled on your site and it looks fantastic! Quick question – will you be putting these podcasts up on itunes?


    1. Hey Yudi! Glad you found the site… Short answer is YES, they will be up on itunes in the near future. I currently have 5 episodes in editing, and I wanted to launch this first one because I was so FLIPPIN excited about it. Stay tuned, and please consider signing up for updates in the meantime. I promise, emails are kept to a minimum for now as the site is being built out.

      Much love, thanks.


    1. Really happy you found the site Heather, and thanks a lot for checking it out. Much love out to PARIS.


    1. Right on EmmKay! Thanks a lot for listening. I was pretty stoked about that first interview. Much love,


  2. This Epic Life is an amazing portal in the making. Oh hello – it's already HERE! Congrats KC! Your energy is so super! Love the music choices and the whole damn thing! Looking forward to kickin' it together soon with all of the GLPers at the next bootcamp in Boulder. I gotta say tho – you are such a leader – this IS your calling, too, brother. What you're making is Ahhh Maaa Zing! Way proud of you! 🙂

  3. Loved the idea of bookending the day with meditation. I started doing that in the last couple days, and it's been powerful.

    I also liked the discussion on being a good father while still producing epic work (since I'm figuring that out right now). One other example of someone doing that well is Leo Babauta of Zen Habits – and he has six kids.

    1. Hey Joshua, thanks for checking it out! I was actually JUST debating whether to hop on the computer or sit and meditate…. hahaha. I'm hitting a place in my life where I need to start and finish the day with at least a little bit of solitude. The evening practice perpetuates the morning process, and vice versa. Creates kind of a fly wheel, where you're more likely to do it each time.

      Really a fan of Leo's… He's incredible, and I can't imagine having TWICE as many kids as I do right now. I had all 3 of them today while my wife painted our living room, and that was PLENTY of work. 🙂

      Much love, THANKS.


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