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30-Min Meditation: Pausing the Chaos

 “There is no way you can NOT release this one.  
It was the best one you’ve done.  Incredible.” – Marcie, USA

Originally I had announced that I wouldn’t be releasing this episode as a replay. Thankfully, an attendee of The Pause (the amazing Joel Zaslofsky) offered to edit it. Thanks Joel!

Access the podcast in the iTunes Podcast App, just search This Epic Life.

Also available below via Soundcloud, or the download link above.

Quick question to answer below: If you’ve made it to The Pause live, what is it about it that keeps you coming back? If you tune into the podcasts what works and what would you like to see more of? Your feedback is so important to me. THANKS! -kc

In this week’s session we cover:
1) The relationship between silence, resonance, and presence.
2) How to leverage some of your biggest personal wins.
3) 28 Min Ambient Guided Meditation




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