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One of the proudest moments in my career.

This is my son Leon.

He’s holding the new issue of SUCCESS Magazine— which includes a feature on his Dad, and my new book!

I coach successful people just about every day.

What I see over and over, is that unless we define “success” for ourselves, we’ll never be sure if we ever “get there.”

So, to feel successful, we need to consciously recognize when it’s happening.

When I see Leon’s smiling face— above my smiling face— sitting on a tire behind a rubber factory in Akron, OH…

I have got to agree with my All-Time Favorite Magazine:

This is SUCCESS. 🙌🏻

My favorite definition of success is by Earl Nightengale: “…the progressive realization of a worthy ideal.”

In the article, I define success as:

“…being awake in your big, honkin’ dream— already in progress. There’s a sense of reverence and wonder for the life you get to live. That’s the dragon I believe most of us are chasing.”

When it comes to achieving 'Success', what is YOUR BIG, HONKIN' DREAM—

AND, How will you know when you get there?

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