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Prayer for Air Travel

Nothing reminds us how powerless we truly are quite like air travel. Last October I took 18 flights for work. Today I’m back at the airport with a new approach.

Try this. It works.

Every time you find yourself slipping into judgement or frustration, bless someone around you. Start with the person who may be driving you crazy.

Own the fact that person has been you on more than one occasion.

In our giving freely of kindness and compassion, we give others what we all so desperately crave.

Watch the lines move faster. Are there suddenly more people smiling and excited to be there?

What experience would you rather have? Frustrated and resistant, or loving and eager?

Below is what I practiced this morning. It may be silly, but it brings us closer to living the teachings of highly enlightened Masters like Buddha, Jesus, Bhagavan Krishna, and others.


A Blessing for Crowded Terminals.

Mr. Obliviously Banging Others with Back-Pack While BoardingI wish you ease.

Ms. Helpless Parent of Wild ChildrenI wish you peace. Your children are beautiful.

Mr. Power Trippin’ TSA Agent Discarding my Cologne.I wish you love. And a couple squirts of that exquisite fragrance.

Lady with Early Morning McRib... I wish you tastiness. We only judge you as brave.

Bro’s with Breakfast Beers… Your giddiness is infectious. I wish you open seats and business class upgrades. And moderation in sculpting an epic buzz.

Last Family in Security LineI wish you compassion, and justice. Make it fun, somehow.

Loud-ass Woman on Phone Annoying EveryoneI’m only staring because you amaze me. I wish you a megaphone. And love, because everyone can hear you’re in a drama spiral. I wish you resolution, and peace.

Business Traveler Bragging About Reward PointsI wish you Triple Rewards and the Luxury Suite. And more sex.

Slumped Human Blocking Moving Walkway... I wish you healing, and vitality. Reprieve.

Credit Card Sign Up TeamI wish you unending success. Make it rain!

Potbelly Sandwich EngineerI wish you happiness. You made a freakin masterpiece.

Lost Public Transit Rider I wish you confidence, and safety.

Smiling Police Officer… I wish you ease, and protection.

Crowd of Humans Glued to Phones (myself included)… I wish you courage; to see this opportunity to truly connect; to make the first move.

All Crowds in All Directions… I wish you ease, and flow.


Let me know how it works below! Where else can you practice some good old fashioned Loving Kindness today?

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10 Responses

  1. LOVE this so much! I love visiting new, far off places but the travel part can be messy. This is something I will remember. Always. (and share with my partner who does NOT love to travel to far off places) lol Thank you!

    1. Hey Robyn, thanks for stopping by. Glad you enjoyed this! It was so much fun to write. I was LOL’ing in the Cab. Wrote it on my phone after a lonnnnng morning at the airport. Much love -kc

  2. Heading into Chicago city traffic on a Friday afternoon. Many opportunities to bless many people! I’ll let you know what comes to me.

  3. One more to add …

    Person pushing to the front of the line to board the plane …

    I wish you the overhead bin space you so eagerly want.

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