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TEL #014 – Bass Meditations.02

The theme for this piece was “Mid-Winter Happiness”.

In my own exploration of the “full-life integration” concepts, I decided to mash-up my soul practice with music.

1) I meditated for 45 minutes (energization, hong sau, & kriya techniques)
2) Recorded 7 minutes of live bass loops in 1 take
3) Recorded 1 take of stream-of-consciousness around the topic of “mid-winter happiness”.

I’m really excited about the possibilities of this format and would love to hear your thoughts!

Thanks, -kc






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2 Responses

  1. Control, ALT, Delete…
    I want to skip the thrashing around part and just be happy.
    Not so easy some days.
    We have one more beautiful chance to give it all we can – great reminder.
    Thanks KC!

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