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Navigating Negative Sh*tstorms

My friend Greg tagged me in a Facebook post that really got me thinking. This is something all of us struggle with, especially those of us who consistently work on projecting light into the world.

With all of the darkness and unrest in the world, how do we keep showing up?

Greg’s question:

Trying to come to grips with competing philosophies (positivity as a force for change, raising the collective consciousness, and radical acceptance of what “is” vs. taking action in the face of injustice) given all the craziness going on in the world right now. I’d love to know how my friends and teachers who also embrace (and try to live) these values deal with these dualities. Years ago, I pledged to only post positive words and images here on FB to both promote positive messages by example and combat all the negativity that can become pervasive on social media.

But as one of my friends asked earlier today, does being silent about things that I feel are simply NOT acceptable (the wave of violence by whites against African-Americans and all of the gun violence in general) mean that I (and others who do the same) are essentially complicit in those things continuing to happen in our society by our non-action? Discuss please as I ponder all of it and plot my actions moving forward!!



My thoughts:

When we’re kids we have an intuitive sense that life is distributed evenly between fun and not-fun. Between good and bad, light, and darkness. When we’re little we tend to mostly notice light, because we’re largely uncorrupted.
The duality of life only gets more intense as we grow. Pain and injustice seem to engulf us, while miracles and kindness get squeezed out.
This darkness has always been there. We only get to choose whether we focus on it, amplify it, and perpetuate it.
Fortunately, so has the light. It’s our responsibility to shine it into our darkest corners. To somehow find the courage and humility to learn from the darkness. To find meaning in apparent insanity.
Today is a shitstorm of terrible “news” from all sides. But just yesterday I said numerous times that we’re so fortunate to live in an age of awakening consciousness. When companies care about the self-actualization of their people. When technology and innovation multiply on a daily basis. When there are teenagers somewhere crowdfunding solutions to once insurmountable problems. When I can see your newsfeed of wide-eyed baby smiles in real time.
When I can fill my brain and soul with inspired information, like Greg’s podcast and so many others I love.
Choosing light strengthens hope and faith. It’s the moment-to-moment test, and it’s pass/fail.
I want to be heartbroken for all of my African American friends, and for all my friends who are (good) law enforcement.
These are unprecedented, jacked-up times.
But staying heartbroken in a fetal ball forfeits faith that we’re improving over the longterm. That we’re evolving by some Divine plan.
I don’t choose love instead of disgust because I’m some namby-pamby weakling. It takes deeper reserves of strength to maintain love for humanity. It’s much easier to stay glued to the screens of injustice.
So I can’t let my heart break completely today, cuz I need it to LOVE all my brothers and sisters. And my cops. And every gun lobbyist, and politician.

All of us play our role in the great human drama. Yogananda taught that this harsh, dualistic, high-contrast motion picture of life is projected from 1 beam of light. However that doesn’t make it hurt any less. Life is real, and it can be painful.

Yogananda said “…the villain is on the screen so you love the hero. Become the hero. When you become the villain your throat needs to be cut.” These are harsh words for a reason. He’s telling us to choose Right Action, to align our human freewill with the Divine Will. We must consistently choose understanding, equanimity, non-judgement, and above all love. Focusing on the darkness turns us into Black Spidey.

When we’re overly empathic, these hateful acts hit like thousands of tiny daggers.
But when we’re overly empathic and staying conscious… We can maintain love over hate. Fun over not-fun, good over bad. That inspires us to act in some small way to improve things In Real Life, versus staying depressed in a flood of information.
How are YOU navigating these negative storms? Please share below. May love and light stay with us all.

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11 Responses

    1. Great writing KC. Thanks for sharing. Choosing love over fear conquers the darkness. The easy thing to do is to fear, and add zillions reasons to stay in this mode. Let’s all choose love. Peace out.

  1. There comes a time when “right action” is taking action. People use emotional emoji in the face of human tragedy such as “thoughts and prayers” or “hugs,” as if it’s enough to comfort the afflicted. Well, it’s not enough.

    White people talk about only wanting to be positive and in such statements they don’t even realize the privilege in having the CHOICE to “only focus on the light.” I don’t have that choice, especially when flashing blue lights in my rear view mirror could signal my last moments on earth.

    People forget — Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. prayed AND marched, faced police dogs and went to jail.

    To the people suffering under the weight of racial oppression, he didn’t send prayers; he showed up.

    As an African American woman who is your friend, KC, I am asking you and your community to show up. I am asking you to risk being vulnerable and uncomfortable for the people of color you love. If you don’t, the dark will surely overtake the light.

    1. Really appreciate your honesty here, and for calling me out. I want to do more. So does my wife. We will get into the arena vs. spouting platitudes from the sidelines. I’m in this with you. -kc

  2. Thank you for sharing. I’ve been using creative force as a navigation tool through “the storm”. I’m in the beginning stages of an art project with my kids (working title, heart proof) and it’s helping me move from a place of helplessness into action.

  3. Man, your writing and thoughts are really getting juicy. This one helped me realize by holding space for the bigger picture “humanity” and love…I can refrain from being overly empathic. My human nature or perhaps being very empathic is learned, I am not sure.

    “When we’re overly empathic, these hateful acts hit like thousands of tiny daggers.”

    This reminds me that love for the greater whole also protects us in some Divine way that I don’t fully understand. Thanks for the insightful posts!

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