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A couple years back, we  quietly started a movement with the release of
The Framework Manifesto.

It has inspired, and helped thousands on their journey. Here’s why…



The Framework Manifesto is the culmination of my
personal inner, and outer journey over the last 11 years.


Along my way, I’ve been consumed
with the following questions:


  • Does my family have to suffer while I travel, or work?
  • Does my body need to atrophy while I work away at my desk?
  • Does my artistic expression have to collect dust while I earn a “real” paycheck?
  • Were my parents correct to say I needed to have a backup plan?
  • What if raising a family has always been my dream?
  • Do my work and family dreams need to be mutually exclusive?
  • What if I’m tired of feeling spread too thin?
  • What if I prefer to be slathered on THICK?
  • What if there are infinite ways rock the freakin’ house?
  • How can I maintain heightened levels of positivity in all areas of my life?


A few things you’ll learn in the 75-page
Framework Manifesto:


  • How to disprove all the haters and non-believers who told you “You can’t have it all.”
  • Why it’s imperative to integrate all of our seemingly separate life ingredients, and skills.
  • True, unfiltered stories on how I’ve applied these principles over the last 11 years.
  • The simple Framework we can apply to simplify, clarify, and amplify your life.
  • How I redesigned the dis-integrated life of my ’20s, into an integrated performance engine
    (I am a: yogi, father of 3, marathoner, culture consultant, and musician)
  • Free workbook download is also included to get you hyper-aligned in a matter of minutes.



Tech Nerdery: This multimedia document should work in all computers with Adobe Reader installed. Page 3 also includes a quick start guide.

For the woman or man-on-the-go, we’ve also produced all 12 chapters as expanded audio. Those are available here, free on iTunes.


Want to Help?


The Framework and accompanying workbook is completely free and has been downloaded more than 10,000 times all over the world. If you’d like to see it go out to more people, please click to tweet this page.

Also, please to leave a comment, or feedback below.

I do my best to respond to everyone! Thanks.

Be strong, stay present.


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15 Responses

  1. I can’t keep up with all of the blogs on this gigantic internet.

    But this manifesto is a breath of FRESH AIR.

    Your perspective, your values, your desire to serve, your absurd personality, your crazy quotes (permanently imprinting “Enough of this shit. We’re forming Voltron” into my mind) …

    Real inspiration that I remember on a daily basis when I’m struggling through the grind.

    Gratitude for you KC.

    1. We're all here to pull one another up, outta the grind. My pleasure, brother. Thanks for reading and commenting. -kc

  2. KC – I just wanted to let you know that this manifesto is truly a gift. You’ve made me stop realize the power of pulling every piece of myself into all that I do. Rather than fragmenting. Wearing ‘different hats’. You’re introducing a whole new way to see life…one beautiful gorgeous and maybe even outrageous hat. 🙂 Brilliant! I’m working on the workbook now. It offers so much depth…not some quick exercise. But one that really stops you in your tracks and makes you give it the attention it deserves. Thanks for sharing your passion, the tools and the inspiration to embrace it all. – Karen

  3. Wow! What a mind blowing piece of work! Thanks for taking care of us tech nerdy people by making it available EVERYWHERE and in ANY form – awesomeness!

    The beauty of the design is like putting music with your words. Stories so poignant and relatable, creating the space to examine my own life and what’s lead me to this point. What’s worked, what hasn’t and why?! Crazy doubters – poof, too many to think about – but now I have a way to rise above all of that.

    I’m someone who loves a step-by-step guide, so THANK YOU for thinking this through, living it, and creating this BEAUTIFUL piece of genius! I’m sharing it with all of my (non-doubter) friends. 🙂

    Enjoy the ride Kris – can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

    1. Thanks so much for your beautiful words Linda. Call OUT those Crazy doubters! hhahah. We will prove them ALL WRONG.

      Oy, thanks for noticing the multimedia formats. Looking back, that was the toughest nut to crack but I honestly think I dig the audio version the most.

      Had a chance to listen to some of it this week, and I can hear the Ohio summertime 5AM cricket brigade… gently singing their hum in the background.

      And I thiiiiinnnnnk to myyyyysellllllf….whhatta wonnnnnderfullllll WHIIIIIRLLLL.

      much love, and THANKS. So glad you diggit.


  4. 2013 is going to be a big year of change and integration of my personal and professional life. After doing the workbook, it was reassuring that I am already blessed with a high degree of of “full life integration”, however with two new businesses on the horizon intended to take it all to a whole new level, your work is really serving as a resource…a guidepost in fact.

    Thanks so much for this. Love it!

    PS ~ I also have shared this with my entire leadership team.

    1. Wow, HUGE compliment coming from you Angela. You'll take it to the next level. We can always take on more, as long as it's all aligned. Thanks for you kind words about my work. Glad you dug it. Meeting you this year has been a gift.


  5. kc – Like Angela I’m looking forward to some big things in 2013. After reading This Epic Life: The Framework I can’t wait to dive into the workbook this weekend! Some light bulbs turned on when I read page 18 of the book and your recounting of the legacy of Pops was very motivating.

    1. Hey Pete, thanks a lot. 2013 DOES feel Big, right? Lots to take in and plan for. Hope you enjoy the workbook.

      Loved your words about The Pops. He was the man. That's probably my favorite chapter as well. Talk soon, and we'll cross paths in Chicago.


  6. KC,

    This manifesto really, really helped me pull a lot of loose strings together. I was feeling overwhelmed, lost and pulled in a zillion directions as I was trying to make some major decisions with the future of my business and life. The framework turned out to be incredibly helpful and insightful and I’m happy to say that I am now once again excited and ready to work hard to bring my dreams to life. The integration model also surprised me in a lot of ways, and I’m looking forward to implementing my full life integration in the coming months! Thanks so much for putting this together.


  7. Hey Ashley, don’t think I ever properly replied to your comment. Really appreciate all the love you’ve given The Manifesto, but above all… That you have actually READ it, and used it yourself. We’re a lot alike you and I… hellbent on having a bit of Ery’thang. hahaha.

    I can tell that now you know it’s not only possible, but it’s kinda what people like us gotta do. Show others that it’s possible. That we don’t have to choose, or let our talents collect dust for any reason.

    Much love, little sister.


  8. Hi KC,

    I think I missing something here. I’ve downloaded The Manifesto and have worked through as far as Part 3. It is at this point that I am stuck. My NNs were writing fiction, playing music, photography, being around animals, fantasy/sci (watching, reading, writing). Some of my NNs I can combine together easily e.g. writing and fantasy. Others leave me flummoxed e.g. being around animals and fantasy. Am I doing something wrong ?

    And I’m also confused as to how these relate to work – my day job is as an IT contractor, testing financial software on a project by project basis. Admittedly, I’m not fond of my work, but it pays the bills so I can do my NNs.

    Hoping you can give me a clue to how to get past Part 3,


    BTW: I know you suggested Soul Practice and Vitality/Health go first but my NNs are the major contributors to that, and I already honour each of my NNs everyday. It also doesn’t mean I don’t meditate, exercise or follow a strict diet – I do. I see these as daily tasks rather than NNs.

    1. Hey Karen! Awesome question and thanks for working through the workbook. (!) This has come up before. The most awkward combo of non-negotiables I’ve ever encountered were “showering” and “my parents”. Obviously I couldn’t recommend any type of integration practice there. 🙂 In all seriousness….

      You have a TON of creativity here:

      writing fiction
      playing music
      being around animals
      fantasy/sci (watching, reading, writing)

      The current way the workbook is set up likely needs updating… I would say the being around animals can mainly be used to inspire the other creative practices… If there are 2 that just don’t seem to integrate at this stage, that’s totally OK! Just leave it blank and focus on the others.

      The goal with that section is to get creative in thinking of ways to “live” your non-negotiables every day, sometimes honoring 2 or more at a time.

      If one is separate for whatever reason, it’s still non-negotiable. It just may need to be practiced/honored on its own.

      Does that help Karen? Love your NNs. Makes me wanna go create something (and hug our pooch!). 🙂

      Much love


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