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Everything you need for Full Life Integration

Ever since we were kids in a school system, the transition from August to September has marked significant ch-ch-changes.

For those of us with kids, you know what I’m talking about… All the new routines to offset the growing complexity of everything around us.

I’ve always been enamored by the promise that Fall brings: sweatshirts, bonfires, and riding my bike through the trails of NE Ohio. From what I hear, many people also dig Sports-related matters. 🙂 #GOSPORTS!

As with all seasons of change, our best hope of enjoying it is to maintain presence… (And I’m not talking about being physically present while we’re looking at a phone.)

I’m talking about the full engagement of everything we offer… The ability to lean into all imminent change with excitement, and grace.

It can be a challenge, for sure.

So I want to share this interview with you, because I know it contains the answer.

This (amazing) woman was standing at a gate in LaGuardia with a couple of my coworkers a few weeks back. We struck up a quick conversation, and a few days later I was on her show. She has become a true ally in the process.

The reason I encourage you to check it out isn’t because it happens to be MY mug on it. It’s because somehow her line of questioning captured everything you need to know about pursuing Full Life Integration. We also take a deep dive on the benefits of meditation, and (believe it or not) sobriety.

Click the image below to listen.


Interesting fact: sobriety is actually a virtue that can be used interchangeably with presence. WHO KNEW?! 🙂

Highly recommended. If you feel inspired, I’d love for you to engage in the conversation beneath the interview.

How do YOU maintain presence in the midst of sweeping change?

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