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Inspiration without action gnaws The Soul.


There’s nothing worse than being inspired and not taking action.

You start out feeling kinda giddy.

But because we’re entrepreneurs we crave feedback. Because we’re visionaries we crave impact.

So after a while, pent up inspiration without action makes us feel like maybe we’re missing a boat. Or, like the dream which was amazing 5 minutes ago is all of a sudden standing us up.

Eventually we realize… That dream is gone. We were all dressed up, with nowhere to go.

But that’s OK, cuz… SHINY NEW INSPIRING IDEA!!!!

How many of our ideas with world-changing potential get choked out by the endless stream of more ideas with world-changing potential?

…All while we’re immobilized from taking the steps toward crafting our signature impact… Our singular story or framework that WILL actually change the world?

It’s not fun, and it’s not cool.

OK maybe there’s one meta level that sucks harder than being inspired and not taking action.

It’s knowing you’re inspiring to plenty of other people, but feeling like you’re not providing the necessary resources, signature offerings, or maybe even speaking the right language to pull them into taking action for themselves.

Action you KNOW would change their lives for the better.

You know, because you’re living proof that taking these actions works!

You may have bootstrapped your own transformation…. But now you wanna spare your followers or customers your own years of trial and error.  You also want to create that beautiful exchange of huge value and impact for a fair cost.

You survived your Hero’s Journey and brought back The Elixir, but now it’s time to mentor the next generation.

What I see over and over is that no one is short on amazing ideas, or tactics that have the potential to move their businesses forward.

What many of us skip altogether is the ability to identify, and articulate our singular value in a way that changes lives, or moves markets.

First our own, and of course those we serve.

We want to write, speak, and teach in way that creates fair compensation for our signature impact.

These needs are what we’ll be tackling on our 11.20 event: “2015 Impact Workshop: How to frame your body of work to write, speak, teach, and profit”

Will you consider joining us? Because we’ll be sharing actionable content to address all of the above, replays will only be circulated to registrants. The event is free, of course!


PS.  Hard to believe, but Thursday, 11/20 is the 2-year anniversary of my Full-Life Integration manifesto (!!!)

PPS. Would love to know below… How are you setting up 2015 to write, speak, or teach MORE than you have been? Is that of interest to you, and if so, how can I support you? Look forward to connecting in the threads. -kc





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4 Responses

  1. Wow, KC. Are you in my heart & head or what?!? Have been bumping up against this all year long… Wanting to get out there more and just start helping people, but feeling at a loss where to begin. Just registered for the 11/20 event! Excited that Cynthia is joining you. Always a great time. Can’t wait to see what you’re cooking up.

    1. Hey Janice! I feel ya, it’s easy to have our “singular” voice muffled by everything that’s coming at us. I’m just looking for ways to help people clarify that for themselves (and their brands) at a root level… allowing them to easily speak/teach from a place of truth…their truth. Really think you’ll enjoy it, so put it on your calendar. I know it’s a few weeks out yet! Much love.

  2. For me, the interesting (i.e. poopy) thing is that it doesn’t seem to get much easier to take action on a major goal even when I’ve done it a few times before. My expectations just get bigger and therefore so do the obstacles, doubts, etc. Know what I’m sayin’?

    Looking forward to the webinar.

    1. Hey Phil! Thanks for stopping by and weighing in. Agree on the stakes getting higher each time out. Usually means we have to trust ourselves to know when, and how to swing into action. As a yogi I’ve become increasingly obsessed with Right Action, because there’s usually no time for inefficient action. The rub is that we usually need to take SOME/ANY action to inspire further action…. so people can confuse procrastination with the work it takes to ID Right Action.

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