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Getting your shit together in under 5 minutes

This won’t be some lengthy piece on time management, or how to efficiently pack your suitcase. We won’t be organizing any binders or file systems.

Let’s talk about a quick way to align your overall energy around the core areas of your life.

Too often we compartmentalize our passions, skills, family, and work. As a result, some of our most valuable assets pile up in separate silos while the demands of the moment lead us around by our hair.

Our sacred life-ingredients collect dust while we scramble from situation to situation, either stressed from overwhelm or guilty that we’re not living our purpose.

This is the state of misalignment. It sucks. You may feel scattered, or a jack-of-all-trades, master of none. You may actually be pissed at yourself for coming up with so many brilliant ideas that you can’t find time to execute.

Nobody likes to live here. Clearly it’s unacceptable.

We’re fortunate when something magical regains our focus, and the misalignment blows through quickly.

But how can we deliberately, consciously align ourselves when we feel scattered or out of control?

Here’s a newer process I’ve been using lately, developed by the beautiful souls at Abraham-Hicks. You want to spend a minimum of 17 seconds in each of these levels, ideally much more as you move up the emotional scale, and back into alignment.

Once you get up there, you gotta milk it as long as possible.

The 4 Step Process to Getting Your Shit Together.


A common story I hear from clients (and myself) is they are spread too thin, lack focus, and feel demotivated while their true passions lay stagnant.

Pay careful attention to how your vibe shifts as you move through the 4 steps.

1. You have to begin where you are. Usually in the Negative-Specific: This travel schedule is spreading me too thin. I can’t see my family, and when I do, there’s no time to communicate. That client knows I’ve been spread thin and thinks I’m a flake. I never get to apply my passions to my job. I started those poems or projects and never have time to finish them. I suck. This sucks. You suck. My ass feels frumpy in these slacks.

2. IMMEDIATELY move to a more general lens. Let’s call it the General-Negative: This is a very busy time. I don’t necessarily think being busy is a virtue. Time is in short supply. I need more time to get to the things that make me come alive. I hope this doesn’t last forever. I don’t feel emotionally or physically engaged in this state.

3. Once we gain our footing in the general, let’s build a bridge to the positive, or General-Positive: Usually my travels are followed by a flurry of new activity and opportunity. These periods come and go. Nobody can ever say that I’m not interested in a lot of things. Passionate, in fact. I’m a multi-faceted creator who carries a lot of responsibility. Oh wow, I actually asked for this responsibility and it certainly helps finance the life I’ve created. I’ve made tweaks to my schedule in the past to allow for more space to think, communicate, work-out, and create. This feeling of misalignment is just an indicator that I need to get back there, or at least take a look at it. I care enough to recognize that I can control where I focus. I can change my slacks.

4. When you are firmly rooted in the General-Positive, it’s time to get specific: Life is exciting. These busy weeks pull me into orbit with all sorts of fascinating people, doing inspiring things. I’ve never had so much technology to power better communication with my family. I’ll FaceTime them when I’m back at the hotel. Everyone knows I live a full life, and they are supportive. I take on much of what I do to provide a great life for my family, and they know that. We are thriving. When I’m tuned into my purpose the creativity flows through me, into being.

<Now go deeper, and more specific>

The best periods of my life are when I have a staggeringly large ball of momentum rolling. I always look back on these busy periods as some of my most prolific. Look at these smiling faces that greet me on my arrivals and departures. They only make me more eager to get to the next destination.

Through practice and repetition I’m gaining grace.

I’m earning my swagger. I’ve never had more high level conversations about opportunities at this scale.

<Keep milking it>

I can always stay up later or get up earlier to get my stuff done. We are the type of people who get stuff done, whether it’s creative work or administrative. I care so much because I take ownership in anything I do. I am engaged, and bring my integrated life to my work.

I am in control. I chose this dynamic life and I can choose to mix it up or make changes whenever I want. That is how powerful I’ve become in my alignment with my values and principles.

I’ll nurture my soul and my family if I’m on a plane, a train, or in my home. My energy is limitless, and infectious.


<Fever Pitch!!!>

I am divine electricity in human form, and I can work to create a clear channel for profound creative thought and productivity to flow through into everything I touch.

That is who I am. This is who I am.

Bring in the busy days, the packed schedules, that mountain of deliverables.

It’s all here to remind me of my power.



Do you have a specific issue or something that bugs the shit out of you? Is there something pulling you out of balance? Leave a comment below (you can be anonymous if you wish).

I’ll work it out for the benefit of the readership on video. If I pick your issue I’ll mail you a handwritten card full of INSPIRADO.

I would say hang in there, but I’d rather quote Eminem: don’t let up/just keep slayin’ ‘em


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13 Responses

  1. Loved this. I can use help with finding more time in general. No matter how much I put into planning and organizing I always feel like I'm at a loss for time. Can you take me through creating, or at least feeling like there's plenty of time for the things that matter?

    Really loving this site, KC.

  2. I definitely felt a shift of sorts in this process.

    This is going to sound cliche, but my boss is a royal pain my ass. Nobody we work with likes her. She's an opportunist and politician.

    Can you help me de-manifest, ie. flush this turd? LOL!

  3. Hey KC, great post. Have you thought about applying this framework to accelerated learning? Seems like we could make massive strides when we're aligned on this level you're describing.

    Cheers mate,


  4. well, the pregnancy hormones aren't helping, but i wept in fear and joy and agreement through this whole post. likely within a month from this moment there will be a being that will change everything there is about my life: passion, work, family, time, etc. our home life is adjusting to a new schedule for jon that is leaving us with less time together at a time when i feel like we need to be cherishing every moment because it won't be just the two of us for very much longer. and so much of it is needed to prep our house and our lives for this amazing thing that's about to rock our world in all the best and some of the hardest ways we'll ever know.

    1. Awww, weeping makes us feel ALIVE. Can't imagine the hormone levels that are working for you right now… You're in a heightened state, so use that to ratchet up your gratitude.

      In a nutshell, you've asked for all of this… The miracle of having a kid will just be what forces the change. After having 3, I can honestly tell you that the change will remain relentless from here on in.

      Our families continue to remind us WHY we do what we do, and HOW LONG we have to get it done. Work starts to take its rightful place in our perspective. You have a huge gift in the maternity leave… Focus on learning how to anticipate your baby's and your family's needs. (While taking excellent care of yourself as much as possible).

      You're about to become 10x the person you were prior to this journey. I can't overstate that… Becoming a Mom is HUGE. Your head is going to be so far outside of your desk job stuff. That stuff will feel incredibly small.

      As you get ready to head out, do your best. Tell people you appreciate them. Take the gift of the time off, thank them for it. You'll always remember having this job when your first was born. No need to dwell on who is expecting what from you. You made it hear. You're valuable. You're about to become infinitely more valuable. Excited for you.


  5. at the risk of sounding rambly, i had more to say, but it told me my post was too long… here's the rest…

    i'm having a hard time figuring out how i'll focus for the next few weeks and after maternity leave at a job that asks me to get three people's worth of work done on one person's time, energy & (decent, but not terribly competitive) salary. i can't figure out if the leave will make them decide they can function more without me, therefore empowering folks and demanding less of me, or if they'll realize how much they do rely on me and do something to let me know they understand and appreciate all that i put into it. heh. but that's not for me to figure, huh? and really, i have tinier and better things to concern myself with for a while. 🙂

    anyway, the balance is definitely the hard part.

    my best to the fam, extra hugs when you hug 'em next, ok?

  6. Wonderful Post KC. You worded it so well. i could feel myself shifting and that isn't even my issue. Well, not today anyway. Today? I feel stuck, like I have indigestion. My abundance is stuck somewhere outside my awareness. I am bloated with desire and no manifestation. I could get more graphic, but I shall not. Suffice it to say, I see only lack and hard work and frustrating results.

    1. Hey Lisa, thanks a lot for stopping by. Couple thoughts here.
      First, whenever desire gets too haywire we start comparing where we are NOW with where we WANT to be… In that constant comparison our present looks scarce, because we're hammering the idea of the future holding our abundance. Clearing the mind, going on a walk, journaling… Basically doing anything that helps you inventory all of the (I'll assume thousands, if not MILLIONS) of things that are currently working in our lives right NOW.

      You can make a list called "Things no one can take away". On it there will be…. my ________'s love and affection. The peaceful mile I just walked… My experience. etc. You'll feel a lightening of the load. The desire will chill for a bit.

      From there, you start working on inventorying all of the abundance around you, most (if not all) of it was a desire at some point… or beyond your grasp. In fact, I'd bet like most people you battle clutter which is a sign of over-abundance. I know, of junk mail?!? 🙂

      So when your desire is bottlenecked, and you KNOW KNOW KNOW you have so much inside you to share with others, you gotta start by:

      1) getting to a place where you're in sync with the magic of the current moment
      2) use that alignment to reprioritize your endless desires
      3) accept that it's our desires that move us forward, which is a beautiful thing
      4) take action on the "quick win" desires you can move forward on. The momentum will kick in as you start seeing results.
      5) always remember that you've been here, and conquered this place before.

      The next level of manifestations are always as good as done. The question is, are we allowing them to unfold for us… Hoping this is getting you closer.

      Usually when we're in a "no manifestation" mode, our vision isn't allowing us to see what's truly happening for us. Thanks again,


  7. Okay, so you've typically got a few cool and crazy ideas swirling about you, but this freaking takes the cake. Awesome. Love it. Can actually do something with it, and gosh darn it, I'm going to. Another delectable bit of freakishly insane wisdom. Muchos thanks.

    1. Thanks Karen! That means a lot coming from you, rockSTAH. I love taking this process and use it to unwind friends/clients' current spiritual knots.

      It's worked pretty well for me over the last few months. Thanks for the comment. I'll see you in homeroom.


  8. Karen said it better than I could. In love with and in awe of the process outlined in clear, actionable steps… and even though the underlying process isn't rocket science, or something that hasn't been said before, you've actually made it clear, translated, accessible, tangible, doable. Without that, what's the point, right? Thanks for sharing the breakthroughs and brilliance.

  9. Wow, this is sweet. I love the milking it part. I really wanted to see some fancy pants or disco pants at the end instead of the frumpy slacks. Kinda John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever style.

    Your wisdom and passion are so beautifully articulated. Thanks for helping us pan out to see the bigger picture of what's happening and how to embrace it instead of being a victim of it.

    I'd love to hear your take on how Johnny on the Spot deals with turd boss lady. Thanks for offering that opp, and as someone who has received good mail from you, I can say it's a treat well cherished.

    Write on.

  10. This is very helpful as your writing is not only clear and engaging but seems to deliver a kind of happy-hopeful-kick-in-the-assness. Exactly what I need. I have been struggling for too long trying to write my dissertation. I know I have it in me but so often I get stuck in the negative-specific and just seem to loose my energy there. You’ve given me some concrete tools (and take-home phrases) to build bridges to the positive and milk it into a flurry of divinely channeled writing

    Episodes which will bring my goal to fruition!

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