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Warning: Crazy High Vibes


Every once in a while, all the stars align and our #presence can get the job done. I’m not talking BS stage presence or whatever…more like calm focus & understanding of how to engage what needs to get done. This was shot during a week where everything was happening at once, so I had to pick a tune I was comfortable playing.

Once all the cameras and levels were set I realized it was crazy hot in my studio. I literally didn’t WANT to have a take 2, cuz I would be a groty, sweaty mess. It all gets in your head and ruins any hope of a decent performance.

Sometimes take 2 would suck as hard as Take 40.

So because it had to be, this performance was all 1 take, on the first attempt.

Woo-hoo! There are always things I could tweak & change forever. That’s the type-AAAA Virgo in me.

Try not to let that voice telling you “it could be better” drown out the more crucial belief: 

“It’s now or never. I’ve got the audacity to rock this and we’re rolling. Begin transmission”.

In the end, the song or the instruments or the production or the edits don’t really matter as much. It’s the bravery you’re cultivating to keep pushing stuff out into the world: ready, or not.

Smile, speak your truth, and keep showing up like you don’t know any better.


And, whenever possible: find the groove in any song and crawl into it. That’s what kicks up the energy swells. Thanks again for sharing the Friday Funky Love Grenades.

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    1. THanks for the kind words! Appreciate you checking it out. Love what you’re up to over at Simplicity Blogger Daikuro! Much love. -kc

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