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Funky Friday: Amazing Grace

Happy Funky Friday everyone (!!!) You know what time it is? It’s time to get down with the Get Down.

This week posed a challenge, in that it’s the most raw & vulnerable I know how to be. This was the bass I bought back in high school, later used to tour with The TwistOffs, and then had the frets ripped out for my work with STANKFuT. I rarely ever attempted to sing over fretless, let alone while playing complex grooves.

Sometimes Big Blue’s intricacies literally spook me: six-strings with no frets, or lines. As you can hear though, it has a sick growl to it. Somewhere between an upright bass and a trombone. I layer it with distortion and a synth filter to give it that Wonky-Wonk-BooYa flavor.

As I was thinking of tunes for this monster I kept coming back to my meditation practice, and how it’s slowly but surely eradicating fear from my life. It’s flipping the script, because now I actually fear not expressing myself and sharing some of the skills I traded my social life for in my youth.

My hope week to week is that by stretching myself I’m encouraging (taunting?) you to do the same. Get yer funk on. Enjoy, and if you feel inspired let’s share the Funky Love with whomever needs it.

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