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I’ve been fortunate to work with a diverse mix of brilliant creators.

These are people whose creative output can literally knock you over with visceral honesty, aesthetic beauty, or raw power. They could be authors, rockstars, C-level executives, or technology developers.

The stages they perform on could be whiteboard walls in an office loft, a writing sanctuary, or the main stage in Wembley stadium. They work on their craft constantly, but that’s alright because they can’t tell if they’re working or playing.

Their legacy is written in all they create and the value they add to the world.

The best among them understands that brilliance is an inevitable byproduct of the years they’ve put in. Yet, their output still doesn’t define their identity.

Their work speaks for itself, but it didn’t develop and thrive in a vacuum. The most stunning creative work is the culmination of all the creator has ever lived —Not only in the rehearsal spaces, studios, computer labs, or on writing retreats.

The Work is the logical outcome of the integrated life that supports it; that nourishes it; that allows it to flow through into being without hesitation, self-criticism, or restraint.

The freedom and self-worth that comes from that level of expression is not only beyond value, it’s also infinite.

We can create on an exponentially larger-scale to the degree that we expand our canvas. (Click to Tweet)

So when you set out today to create something of monster value, you may want to begin by assessing what Steven Covey called your production capability.

How’s your factory running? Is the foreman good to work for? Are you chained to the assembly line, or are you calmly creating in your sanctuary?

What are you going to do for yourself today, in order to create the space necessary for your next massive contribution?


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2 Responses

  1. OMG I’m sooooo excited to read the manifesto! I know you’ve been working on it for a while. So cool to see it completed. Diving into that gem tonight.

    Loved today’s piece. Simple, but powerful. You’re on fire KC. Keep it coming, we need it. 🙂 Have a great day, Stacy

    1. Thanks a lot Stacy. Happy that you picked it up. Enjoy it. Yeah, the canvas theme has been big for me lately…. thinking about people who create on a massive scale (Russel Simmons, Oprah, Eminem, etc) They've gotten to a place where so much of the minutea just gets "handled", you know? I'm sure money and resources helps, but I've also found we need to pause "the screen of what is", in order design "what could be".

      I'm just getting started on this topic. Much love, -kc

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