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Emiliya Zhivotovskaya: Jedi Master of Human Flourishing on The Science & Psychology of Feeling the Feels (#14)

Have you met any real-life superheroes? I know a handful.

Emiliya Zhivotovskaya is my Captain Marvel. She has a somewhat dark, powerful origin story that has created a literal juggernaut in the fields of Positive Psychology, Resilience, and Human Flourishing.

Her Being can be felt in any room she’s in, and she’s often at the center of the circle, or up on stage— radiating light, wisdom, possibility, and unshakable joy.

Emiliya’s family emigrated to the U.S. from the Ukraine when she was 5. She started working as a party entertainer not long after. During that time she lost her brother in a tragic drowning accident, which started the long decline of her mother’s health.

Emiliya came into the world well aware of her purpose— to learn, experiment, and be a conduit for human flourishing. She was at her Mom’s side through hundreds of doctors visits and treatments. She spoke to every physician, read everything she could, and as you’ll see in her formal bio— got trained and certified in every possible modality to support flourishing.

When I’m walking into a corporate training and need supporting research around resilience, and how it reduces workplace suffering, I call Emiliya. I wanted to offer our listeners a glimpse of how powerful her training and teaching can be in your day to day lives.

One of my executive clients is currently training in her Certification of Applied Positive Psychology programs— where she has certified over 1300 practitioners.  He and I both are equally obsessed with Emiliya’s MONSTER brains, and the most open heart you may come across in this lifetime. “EZ” gives everyone permission to be joyful.

Prepare to learn, prepare to Feel all the Feels. Prepare to go forth with more tools to navigate our confusing, limitless world. 

You will learn in this conversation:

  • How two family tragedies at a young age shaped her destiny as a resilience expert.
  • What she learned from being a caregiver to her mother through hundreds of doctors visits.
  • The science and psychology behind our 3 permissions: Permission to chill, feel all the feels, and glow in the dark.
  • The power of community in supporting one another’s work in the world.
  • Some simple practices to harness the power of emotions: Notice, Name, and Navigate.
  • The practices Emiliya has discovered, and practices daily in navigating a complex emotional landscape.

About Our Guest

Emiliya Zhivotovskaya is the CEO and founder of The Flourishing Center, a New York City based, Benefit Corporation (B-Corp) that is dedicated to increasing the flourishing of individuals, organizations and communities.

Emiliya   is the creator of the wildly-successful Certification in Applied Positive Psychology (or CAPP) program, which is delivered in 12 cities across the U.S., Canada and online. CAPP has trained over 1300 practitioners to date. She is the creator the Bounce Back Better® Program, Positive Psychology Coaching Certification®, Flourishing Skills Group® Program, co-founder of the Positive Educator Certification™ Program, creator of the PERMA-V Model and the 5i Change Agent Model.  

Emiliya holds a Master’s Degree from the University of Pennsylvania in Positive Psychology and is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Mind-Body Medicine from Saybrook University, where she is also an adjunct faculty member.  

Emiliya holds a Master Certified Coach (MCC) credential with the International Coaching Federation (ICF), as well as over a dozen certifications in modalities ranging from coaching to yoga, Reiki, intenSati, Thai massage, biofeedback, motivational interviewing and more. She holds a Bachelor’s of Arts in Psychology, from Long Island University, with Minors in Fine Art, Business and Philosophy.

Learn more about her many training programs and resources to thrive at www.theflourishingcenter.com.

Emiliya lives (and thrives) in New York City.

Connect with Emiliya :


Emiliya.com >> Professional speaking, podcast, and teacher’s page

Emiliya on LinkedIn

The Flourishing Center






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