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Goal Planning for 2013 Deserves a Fresh Approach

Much like every other holiday undertaking, my annual planning and goal-setting exercises have ratcheted up to Griswold-Level insanity in recent years. Five years ago, I started a ritual of completing Brian Tracy’s 25-page Ultimate Goals workbook in its entirety. I would complete this (fairly sizable) task sometime between Christmas and each New Year. Every chapter […]

Here’s a radical concept: Begin Where You Are.

This morning I drove by a billboard for a Crossfit gym that read “Fitness is only earned.” To test this statement I took a quick inventory of the non-negotiables in my life.The term non-negotiables refers to our sacred life ingredients that cannot be removed or substituted.   Our five (or so) primary life ingredients form […]

Upgrade your Lens, Upgrade your Life.

  A couple mornings ago I found myself riding a bicycle down a mountain road in Boulder, Colorado. Hot air balloons hung over green mountains against a deep blue sky. Deer followed me with their eyes. The maniacal grin on my grill shouted, “Whutup, DEER?!?! I’m on a f*cking BIKE! In Boulder, Colorado!!!! Weeeeeeeeeeee!!!!“ In this exhilarating moment […]

I covet another man’s flower baskets

  Don’t you love it when you commit to a goal, and then on the way toward its attainment you decide it’s either too ambitious or too painful to keep actively pursuing? Still wanting it isn’t the issue, but maintaining your pace toward it definitely can be. This tension can feel like programming your GPS […]

Creating your own “Dirk Diggler Revelation”

In the film Boogie Nights, aspiring “actor” Mark Wahlberg attends his first Hollywood party. At the end of the night he finds himself in the hot tub with a young John C. Reilly and adult film producer “Jack”, played by Burt Reynolds. He then reveals his vision of his new identity: “I want a name […]