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Be a Warrior for Your Purpose

Do you want to keep justifying all the stories that have held you back— Or, do you want to be a Warrior for your Purpose?


This ultimatum comes up constantly in coaching.

When it comes to transforming our lives, the trickiest part is that settling for the same old stories is an unconscious process.


We just whip out the old cassette without thinking about it, and it soothes us like Kenny G.


In stark contrast, being a Warrior for our Purpose takes conscious discovery, a few brave choices, and plenty of discomfort.


However, there are moments when we hit our threshold. The old way simply becomes far more painful than making the bold move.


We know we came here to create something bigger. To contribute at some higher level.


Purpose has shown itself to be less of a magic bullet, and more of a journey of a lifetime.


So, rather than waiting for all conditions to be met, where you then (someday) decide to live from purpose…

We sit our asses down, quiet the mind, and give ourselves Permission to Chill.



We hear the counsel of our feelings— our intuitive guidance system. Permission to Feel All the Feels.


We feel around in the darkness and throw the damn switch anyway. Permission to Glow in the Dark.


And, we surrender into the greater plan for our lives. We serve from purpose, and in purpose. Permission to Glow in the Light.


Purpose isn’t an endgame. It’s the process of giving ourselves Permissions #1-4. Purpose is the journey of our lives, and it’s the greatest show on earth.


When you find yourself regurgitating outdated limitations, first notice it.


Now, ask yourself: What does being a Warrior for my Purpose look like today? 


Make 1 tiny, bold move.


Our world needs YOU. 



PS. If you’re ready to get profoundly inspired, and discover how to live and work from your purpose, there is some *MAGIC* on deck for you below!


Introducing AMPstigator

It’s time to deeply explore purpose with one of my new favorite humans, and a bunch of other extraordinary Warriors for their Purpose.

Are you an artist, a psychic, a coach, or trauma survivor? Are you dreaming of unleashing the light inside of you to serve the greater good?

Are you (like me), building a team and a business around your teaching, books, or thought leadership?

This is a 55 minute, multi-camera long-form interview with copious notes and resources. You can also find all episodes as a podcast here.

In short, AMPstigator shows us how it’s done.

In December I traveled down to Nashville, TN for what I thought was another interview surrounding my book Permission To Glow.

To be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect.

Lauren Lowrey is by day, a news anchor for WSMV, the NBC affiliate in Nashville. She’s a glowing, beautiful sparkler. Whip-smart, and incredibly effective with whatever she chooses to take on.

I nicknamed her L.L. Thorough J. The team she assembled to produce her new show and podcast is world-class.

If you can’t tell, Lauren embodies Purpose. She has the dream job, a beautiful family with three young kids, and CHOSE to assemble this phenomenal offering of AMPstigator to go (much) deeper into the stories that matter most.

AMPstigator’s level of production and the attention to the smallest details just completely blew me away. There is nothing quite like it.

But mostly, it is Lauren’s interview style and questions. Our conversation is a masterclass in digging into stories that will help thousands.

Scan the timeline of our conversation below, and you’ll see what I mean. We covered so much, and it felt like 10 minutes.

I would definitely check out the entire series of interviews. Each of these Archetypal Expressions of Purpose were carefully selected and produced. I met a couple of these amazing people in person, and I can’t wait to binge it all.

Binge with me!



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4. Listen to all episodes on Spotify | Apple Podcast

Longform Interview on Purpose + The 4 Permissions


WATCH / Listen to Episode 06: Kristoffer Carter, The Transformer


Kristoffer Carter – better known as KC – is an Executive Coach, meditation teacher, author, podcaster, husband and dad. He’s the ultimate example of purpose and transformation. His recent book “Permission to Glow” is a beacon on the pathway to meaning, fulfillment, and peace. He coaches people through their own personal transformation after he transformed all those years ago.
[Full show notes]


This episode is for you if:

  • You feel unsure of where to start on your journey to transformation.
  • You feel disconnected from purpose
  • You need to reconnect with inspiration
  • You love life advice in easy to digest, hilarious soundbites


0:00 – Intro
1:22 – Best Time/Worst Time
10:01 – KC’s story of transformation
14:24 – What happens in your late 20s
17:58 – KC’s entry into coaching
20:13 – When does purpose begin?
22:54 – What Meditation really is
28:35 – Giving yourself Permission
32:44 – Step 1 to Transformation
34:40 – Asking ‘What do I want?’
37:40 – Pay attention to intuition
42:41 – Hike up your audacity pants
43:29 – Giving others permission
47:40 – KC guides us through a meditation



WATCH / Listen to Episode 06: Kristoffer Carter The Transformer

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