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2014 PROJECT – Session Replay & Tools

Thanks for joining everyone. In the comments below, I’d love to hear any session feedback, questions, or at the very least please take a sec to introduce yourself to other attendees.

I’m thinking up some fun ways to break down these virtual walls.
Much love, and thanks as always for playing! -kc

SESSION REPLAY: *Please note, we were unable to capture KC’s cam.
Slides & Audio available below! DOWNLOAD SLIDES HERE (2 MB) – <– (Right click, choose “Save link as”)



*You only need to register once. Same GoTo Webinar event each week of the monthly events*

They will occur every Third Thursday of each month.

Next up: Thursday, March 20th 3P EST.


January Replays:
1 – SOUL | 2 -VITALITY | 3 – FAMILY | 4 – ART

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3 Responses

  1. Hi, Marion here from New Zealand. I thoroughly enjoy all the sessions so far (January as well!). At the moment I am struggling a bit with everything, even though here it is SUMMER (with wind, rain, cold temperatures). I am at the very Southern bottom of New Zealand, which is “close” to Antarctica. Is that why?? :-))
    Anyway, I do hope that I will learn to create new habits, positive habits, and stick to them. My mind is very busy, my life not so much, there is some boredom there, which in turn makes me think more, which in turn stops me doing things…
    Thank You so much for doing what you’re doing and for being Who You Are, it couldn’t have come at a better time!
    Love it!
    Love, Marion

    1. Thanks for the kind words Marion and so glad you’re enjoying the shows.

      Been thinking a lot about hammering down on better habits for us all. That’s really the key to this happy life stuff.

      If being who I am helps you in some small way, Marion…. DONE. 🙂 My pleasure. Truly.


  2. So glad that as my day was winding down and I’m labeling photos in my email library, I can finally catch up (multi-tasking) and hear this session! Your guest was awesome! What a packed hour full of goodness. Rock on brother!

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