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Yoga Changes Everything: Our bodies, hearts,
minds, and Souls.

6-Week Yoga Series

Begins July 26th, 2023

  • Physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual growth. Learn and practice powerful Hatha yoga sequences— in their pure, traditional form. Each corresponds to specific chakras, mudras, and mantras.

  • Deep connection. Deeply connect to your body through vinyasa, Japa meditation, and chanting. Begin to glow more vibrantly as we build upon each of The 4 Permissions™ from Permission to Glow (summarized below).


  • Track your growth and expansion week-to-week, as we go deeper each session.

  • Community. Practice and connect with a deeply supportive and loving community. Recorded for on-demand practice.


Wednesdays | 7-8P EST via Zoom, or *In-Person!
(*limited to 15)


JUL 26

Welcome to a New Season

Intro. Chart a course for self-discovery— your full power to ignite your purpose.



to Chill

P1. Self-discovery in stillness. To be at peace with what rises in the moment to test us.



Permission to Feel All the Feels

P2.  Release and receive. To be at peace with the wisdom of our emotions.


AUG 16

Permission to Glow in the Dark

P3.  Commit to purpose, despite any fears. To be at peace with what the world is asking of us.


AUG 23

Permission to Glow in the Light

P4.  Surrender into service. To be at peace with our responsibility to uplift and serve humanity.


AUG 30

Lasting, Positive Change

Outro.  Practice and master the Seven Laws of  Compassionate change. Commit to your path forward.

The Yoga Glow is Real.

Join Our
6-Week Yoga Series

Join us online, or in-person in Akron, OH for six weeks of transformative yoga vinyasa integrated with coaching self-inquiry. Beginner to intermediate.

Six Wednesdays: 7-8P EST, begins 07.26.23

Need to miss a session? *Recordings will be made available
for Gold + Platinum level.

The 4 Permissions™
of Conscious Leadership

P1. CHILL. Self-discovery in stillness. To be at peace with what rises in the moment to test us.

P2. FEEL ALL THE FEELS. Release and receive. To be at peace with the wisdom of our emotions.

P3. GLOW IN THE DARK. Commit to purpose, despite any fears. To be at peace with what the world is asking of us.

P4. GLOW IN THE LIGHT Surrender into service. To be at peace with our responsibility to uplift and serve humanity.

Select Your Package

Yoga Only

Silver Level. In-Person or Zoom Yoga Studio

  • 6 hours class instruction
  • Community Connect

$120 /one-time

Epic Yogi

Platinum Level. In-person, or Zoom Yoga Studio

  • 6 hours class instruction
  • 1hr Group Coaching Call to apply everything we've learned.
  • Meditation Habit Toolkit
  • We'll also make a donation to charity: water (giving 1 person access to clean drinking water for life)
  • Community Connect
  • Recorded for on-demand viewing

$349 /one-time

Yoga + More

Silver Level. In-Person, or Zoom Yoga Studio

  • 6 hours class instruction
  • Meditation Habit Toolkit
  • Community Connect
  • Recorded for on-demand viewing

$149 /one-time

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Photos by Philicia Maddox Photography

About the book.

American Veda and The Life of Yogananda author Philip Goldberg calls Permission to Glow “…a vital contribution to a new breed of leaders.” Good Life Project founder and bestselling author Jonathan Fields calls it: “…a playful integration of ancient yogic principles and modern wisdom.”


With a unique blend of irreverent humor, pop culture references, and spiritual insight, author Kristoffer Carter reveals the 4 Permissions that offer you the fuel to glow, and The 7 Compassionate Laws of Personal Change for activating and living these permissions. 

"Freakin' EPIC! This book teaches many of us how to lead, and all of us how to truly live."

– ANI DIFRANCO, Alternative Folk Icon, Bestselling Author

Like an all-you-can-eat buffet, our world is constantly giving us too much of everything: stimulation, anxiety, information, responsibilities, and  challenges.

Our work is to expand our spiritual capacity to hold more of what life and business constantly throw at us. Our work is to live with purpose, strengthening our relationship with our own power, and unleashing the collective power of others: our colleagues, our staff, our friends, our kids—even the neighbor who wakes us up daily with a leaf blower. Purpose-driven living pulls others up and calls them forward. 

In this transformational guide to conscious leadership, Fortune 100 executive coach, meditation expert, and host of This Epic Life podcast Kristoffer Carter shows you how to transcend the overwhelm and disruption of daily life and step into your power.


With guided journal prompts, invocations, daily affirmations, and powerful exercises, you will override the default behaviors that resist change. Stepping into your full potential, you will uncover your purpose, and become a guiding light for others.


Whether you lead a team of one (yourself), a family, or a team of thousands, tending to your internal work allows you to step forward, into the light.


Your glow attracts allies, investors, and raving fans. Carter coaches us from the safe self-reliance of “I got this” to the unlimited potential of “WE GOT THIS!


"And in union with all other extensions of that great light, nothing is unconquerable.

Kristoffer Carter

"Our glow, releasing any sense of self, burns solely to benefit others. Our darkness is laid bare before billions of healing beacons."
Kristoffer Carter

"Permission to Glow in the Light is the power of the integrated collective."
Kristoffer Carter

"How many grids of light will our redemption take?"
Kristoffer Carter

"In learning and development, integration is the accumulation of knowledge and the digestion of it into wisdom."
Kristoffer Carter

"All our individual work is in preparation to assemble into a unified whole."
Kristoffer Carter

"The measure of a leader is their capacity to develop others and let them lead."
Kristoffer Carter
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“Finally, a leadership book with a soul. Powerful, irreverent, and so timely. The 4 Permissions will change your life if you let them.”

 – Laura McKowen, bestselling author 
of We Are the Luckiest
and Push Off From Here

Kind words from clients

About Kristoffer Carter 'KC'

As a spiritual teacher, yogi, and executive coach, Kristoffer Carter (“KC”) is passionate about teaching yoga to meet the demands of modern leadership. He makes a dent through his books and writings, leading retreats at Kripalu Center for for Yoga & Health, coaching Fortune 500 leaders, and serving on the Board of Directors for Yoga Alliance. 

KC is the CEO and founder of Epic Leadership, a training organization for conscious leadership, which has created a daily meditation practice for thousands. He is the author of Permission to Glow— A Spiritual Guide to Epic Leadership, which guides his team’s coaching of Fortune 100 executive leaders at Amazon, AT&T, eXp Realty, Edward Jones, and many more. 

KC is also a professional songwriter, Kirtan leader (harmonium, voice and guitar), TEDx speaker, and international retreat leader. Kristoffer is a disciple of the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda, through Self-Realization Fellowship, and their lineage of masters. He completed his 200 hr RYT training with SOYA— the South Okanagan Yoga Academy, founded by Marion “Mugs” McConnell, author of Letters From the Yoga Masters and longtime Yoga Alliance board member.

Carter’s work has been featured in Success Magazine, Men’s Health, Fast Company, Thrive Global, and on many morning news programs (Good Morning DC, Fox Houston, etc). Kristoffer lives in Akron, OH with his wife of 24 years and their three children. 

For retreats and current class schedules, please visit: www.epicleadership.org  

In the Media

Yoga has plans for us!

Stumbling into my first yoga class while working in the entertainment industry changed my life…

It would take decades to notice the steady progression yoga has created in my life. In 2013 I took vows as a Kriyaban yogi with Paramahansa Yogananda’s organization, Self-Realization Fellowship.

And now, I’m so excited to embark on this next phase of my teaching journey with our community.

Asana practice has always been on the periphery of everything I’ve taught (meditation, coaching, conscious leadership, etc).

Joining the Board of Directors for Yoga Alliance, and working alongside some truly gifted asana and Hatha yoga teachers has been a huge blessing!

My current focus is integrating the physical practice within the larger framework of The 4 Permissions. I hope you’ll join us!


Photo by Philicia Maddox Photography

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