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Dispatch #5: Well LOOK at YOU + Sunday Services Info


One week out, and the energy has shifted coming into November. Anyone else feel lighter?

Everyone I’ve spoken with this week expressed how we could be gliding toward something potentially magical.

Everything is coming together beautifully. When I think about the venue, the content, AND HOLY SMOKES ALL OF YOU….

Can I show you something beautiful?

This will be a cheatsheet in your workbook, so we don’t have to feel awkward about forgetting anyone’s name—or worse—have to wear tacky name badges.



As mentioned on the pre-call (<-replay), prior to convening our group at the meditation gardens at 1:30p I’ll be attending the Encinitas Temple Inspirational Services at 9:30A. They also offer the same service at 11:00A. They run about an hour, and include brief periods of meditation, chanting, and are led by a monk of Self-Realization Fellowship’s Monastic Order.

More information and full activities schedule can be found on their website. The main temple is located on 2nd St, about halfway between the gardens and our Moonlight Villa. There’s also a larger overflow temple on J Street by the gardens, as well as a gorgeous bookstore. Highly recommended we check out the bookstore at some point, since there is some wildly inspiring stuff in there.

Pictured below is Brother Bhumananda (BOOM-uh-non-duh) leading the Sunday service. Brother has been a spiritual advisor over the years, and his satsangs (informal spiritual discourses) are rather stunning. He’s been a monk around 30 years. I interviewed him for my research for the talk I gave at Wisdom 2.0: “What Steve Jobs Learned from Paramahansa Yogananda“.

You’ll see many nuns around the meditation gardens, as there is also a retreat center. If you pay close attention to those who renounce all worldly pursuits for the spiritual path you can “feel” their presence. They emanate love, acceptance, joy, and peace.

At a huge Christmas gathering a couple years ago, Brother Bhumananda randomly sat with our family, likely sensing we were outsiders from Ohio. Our kids were clearly transfixed by his loving, peaceful vibes. Joyful memories!

Again, this isn’t to steer you toward any of my personal beliefs. If inspiration is part of your Sundays back or home, check it out. Also Layla, FYI their Sunday School is something our kids ask about all year long. Incredible program. You can see in the pic below, attire is pretty casual just nothing ripped up. Most ladies bring a wrap because the temples are kept cool to keep people awake during meditation.


1 – Read The Framework Manifesto

2 – Create Your Lens Statement

Much love,


PS. 10-Day weather forecast for Encinitas is here. High 60s, Low 70s. California Dreaming. Don’t even sweat any clouds, because they burn off for a good chunk of every day, and only make for even more incredible sunsets! I’m packing mostly comfortable jeans, layers for shirts, and a light jacket.

And trunks in the event I feel like jumping in the freezing Pacific, or the hot tub.

And running shoes… and something easy to kick on and off. Our house is a shoe-free zone. Sorry, Brent: No thigh-high KISS platform boots.

I’ll share my packing list if you’re interested but the above about covers it. And sunscreen. LOL.

PPS. Find an archive of our communications about the retreat here.

1:1 Coaching | Culture Consulting | Meditation For Business | Retreats 



We’re approaching that window where it’s fully acceptable to launch the Official Integrated Life Retreat playlist on Spotify and blast track 1, “California” by Phantom Planet. Feels good, right? 😉

As mentioned in last week’s Retreat Dispatch, I’m hosting a pre-call this Thursday evening. We’ll cover any last minute questions, but I also want to give you a jump on our work together.

No stress WHATSOEVER…do what you can. Getting a couple things done ahead of arrival will give us more time to chill, and jump right into introductions.

Call info is below. I’ll make an audio replay available should you have any conflicts.

7P EST / 6P CST / 5P MST / 4P PST


My daughter Frankie is understandably jealous of all of us visiting Encinitas, her favorite place… She asked me to include a couple drawings from her time there.

These are her memories of the Self Realization Fellowship Meditation Gardens, (where all of us will convene on Sunday November 12th at 1:30P PST).

Here’s what to expect from our nightly Sunset Ceremonies… Moonlight Beach is a few short steps away.

Here are a couple pics of the gorgeous Moonlight Beach Villa, where we’ll be meeting each day, and 11 of us will be staying.

Download the Agenda + Map

So excited and ready for this experience. I’ll take #ForREALLife over social media any day.

Hope to see you Thursday!

KC + Frankie Jane

PS. Did you miss any of the previous Retreat Dispatches with Logistics, Agenda, Map, etc? All is Well! Find an archive here.

PPS. Here’s a favorite postcard. Many of the surrounding areas and beaches are nicknamed “Swami’s” because of Paramahansa Yogananda’s lasting spiritual influence. The ashrams, gardens, and temples all contribute some remarkable vibes. Can’t wait to get your reactions.


[Dispatch #2 – October 23rd]

Hey there!

Could we already be a few short weeks out? You’re part of a remarkable collection of entrepreneurs, c-level executives, parents, adventurers, yogis, artists, musicians, and community activists.

What do you have in common?

A curiosity in finding better and better ways of showing up.

You may also identify with one or more of those labels, but they don’t define you. Time in Encinitas always keeps my head in check:

“However cool we think we are (ego), we are probably way cooler than we realize (SOUL).”

I seriously can’t wait to introduce you to one another.

But first…

Download the Agenda + Map

Also, mark your calendar. Thursday, November 2nd.
7P EST / 4P PST. I’m hosting a prep call.

Details to follow. The goal is to give you a couple things to think about before we meet up on November 12th. This will help us make the most of our time together.

PS. Did you miss the first Retreat Dispatch? Find an archive here.

Any other specific questions we can help out with?


[Dispatch #1 – October 1st]

Welcome! If I haven’t had a chance to personally express it: Thank You for joining us in November. You have chosen…wisely. 🙂

It’s shaping up to be a remarkable gathering.

The need to simplify, and align our lives with our Non-Negotiables is all around us. How do we accomplish more, in the direction of our dreams, with seemingly less time and greater distractions than ever?



I made us a sick mixtape. Woolworths was out of Memorex cassettes, so Spotify will have to do. My coaching clients know I love to share music that accelerates personal transformation.

“Music was one of the first languages I fully understood, and could express with any level of confidence. It always represented pure joy and fathomless power.”
-The Framework Manifesto




  • View some stellar drone footage of Yogananda’s Meditations Gardens here

  • Full catalog for The Integrated Life: Design. Practice. Live it. retreat is here

  • Recap of our family’s month in Encinitas that transformed my life + career is here.

  • Full-Life Integration™ Manifesto (Foundational Content for the retreat content) is here

  • We’ll book a pre-call around November 1st. Details to follow..


  • Please book travel arrive ready to roll 1P in Encinitas, Sunday 11/12. We will meet The retreat program concludes at 5P Tuesday 11/14. Onsite guests have the option to depart Weds morning.
  • If you’re traveling cross-country, you may want to arrive the evening of Saturday, November 11th.
  • Closest airport is SAN (San Diego International). Uber + Lyft to Encinitas is about 20-25 min.
  • Ground Transportation: Numerous Coaster Trains and shuttle options. Uber + Lyft to Encinitas is about 20-25 min. $35-40.
  • Moonlight Villa Retreat residential address will be provided closer to our event date. It’s a rental property that will be in use until our arrival.
  • We all have the option to meet-up Tuesday evening.


More to come, friends. If you need anything not covered here please let me know. No stress. I wish you ease, and flow as you head into the weekend.

Stay strong, be present.