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Hey Pat,

Jon Humphrey introduced us up at Univ Studio the night of the Kut-U-Up show.

First, I gotta THANK YOU and Tre for being so gracious and cool with my daughter Elliott. She was speechless…maybe for the first time in her life. 🙂 Their pic is below. We were on vacation from Ohio.

Ellie was so completely JACKED, she made us learn all 5 parts of Jesus of Suburbia for Univ’s open mic that following Wednesday.

The board recording turned out pretty cool, in case you wanna hear it. She’s a ripe old 12.

For Christmas, we got her tickets for the Pittsburgh show (3/25). She started crying and hyper-ventilating once she realized she’d be seeing Green Day live. It went on for so long eventually my wife and I started crying too. Crazy!

I’m sure you get inundated with requests, but if there was any possible chance to get backstage on 3/25 I think it would change her life.

I also had the idea of donating $1000 to a charity of the band’s choice, or to our favorite, Charity: Water.

Regardless, I thought you may get a kick out of a 12-yr old girl rocking that punk rock epic with her old man on guitar.

Thanks for your time Pat,


Kristoffer Carter “KC”
(330) 283-3400