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Ohio Retreat Dispatches (FAQ)

Orientation Call - Nov 1st (58 min)

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Travel Logistics

Coordinated shuttle transport from and to the CMH
(Columbus OH) airport (flight not included). 

Arrival: Travel should be booked to arrive CMH no later than 12N EST, Mon 11/7. 

We will open our circle between 1:30-2P Monday afternoon in Logan, OH (walking distance to the legendary caves and cliffs of Hocking Hills). Address below.

Return: Depart CMH no earlier than 1P EST Friday 11/11.


Can you feel our Joyous Anticipation building?

*If you’d like to bookmark all of this information below, please find an online resource for All Things Ohio Retreat here.

We realize travel these days may require added patience. Thank You for making the effort, and for staying healthy and safe this week!

We’re all in this together, and the safe, and smooth arrival of 100% of our crew is our top priority.
Visualize absolute ease and flow in your travels. This is That Love Tractor Beam pulling us all together effortlessly, and as stress-free as possible.
I am asking our resident healers and Reiki Masters: (Shauna, Wendy, Alison, and Gayle) to bless the travel and easy arrival of our entire circle— whether by plane, car, or shuttle.

7 Steps to Your Epic Ohio Retreat


1 – If you want to catch a replay of our Nov 1st orientation call, please find that here.


2 – Please complete the form if you haven’t already. Food preferences, arrivals, etc.


3 – 🤩 All participants + Epic Team will complete The Lens Statement process. Download + print the 3 pages here .

Pswd: epic2019

Read more about the power of The Lens Statement, and its origin. The Full-Life Integration Manifesto – Nov 2012. Pages 22-30.


4 – Shuttle Peeps! Our pick up time is confirmed for 12:30 PM EST at CMH Airport. Follow the signs for shuttles and look for a Glowing White Passenger Shuttle.

Our #CharterCaptain will be Amanda Olafsson! Her cell # is 617-642-5808.  

If you’re up for it, we can coordinate a text thread of all shuttle peeps to coordinate an airport meet up. Shuttle should take about 75-min door to door.


5 – Driving Travelers! Please time your travels to arrive for check-in at the main retreat site *please no earlier than* 1P EST on Monday, 11/7.

19480 UNGER ROAD, LOGAN, OH 43138

*Please see a snapshot of the journey below*


6 – What to Pack?! Please grab the list here.

7 – We will have WiFi in the cabin. However, please do not be on any digital device in the common spaces. That will spread like a Speedy Rabbit virus! Keep any work or digital activity behind a door ideally. We all need to pull away from life, and I realize we need to stay connected to home. Always be respectful of everyone else’s experience.

Thanks so much. SEE YOU SOON!

-KC, Gayle, Layla, Shauna, & Celine