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Day 3: Clearing The Screen by teacher Kristoffer ‘KC’ Carter.




Who doesn’t need a fresh canvas to express their life on? We don’t wanna keep adding to a shaky, or chaotic foundation. Start clean. Clear the screen, wipe the slate & create your masterpiece…


At first it can seem like you’re only sitting there noticing how much you think. That’s fine! You’re slowly, methodically taking back control. Keep going. The first step is recognizing when the mind is thinking on its own.



Become the watcher. As you notice how much you’re thinking during meditation time, just be OK with it. You are the sky watching the clouds pass through you. You can even recite: I am the sky, watching all weather move through me. You’ll start finding more small gaps between thoughts.
This gives you the opportunity to expand those gaps. Until then, just trust that watching the thoughts in itself is progress toward becoming more self-aware. Practice just sitting as still as possible and watching the breath.


Now, back to work. Knock it out. 🙂

To one heck of an inspired month..


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