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A quick note on the guided meditations for the next 10 days. We are digging into our meta-meditation practice. My favorite to teach and practice is the 10-minute sky meditation: “I am the Sky / watching all weather move through me”.

Since our goal is to get you meditating without any guidance by the end of the month, we will be focusing on this meditation exclusively over the next number of days.

Just settle into it, and get comfortably uncomfortable. There will be plenty of monotonous days in meditation, and that is OK. We are after the stamina and determination it takes to BE with our thoughts, and the gaps between them.

All this practice will pay off, I assure you.

Make sense? I’m so proud of you for making it this far. Let’s get after it.


Everyone agrees we need to keep our work in line with our over-arching goals, and our values that guide them. Isn’t that easier said than done though? Life expands in complexity with each passing day. We need to balance our need to achieve (and please others) with the intuitive guidance necessary to please ourselves.

In short, we need to know who the hell we are, and then live accordingly. It’s the only way to feel happy and free.

This is where I go Mr. Miyagi on you. Remember when I had you paint my fence, and wax my car? Oh right, I didn’t actually have you do that. I should have though…

Seriously, what have we been practicing? You’re right if you said “…bringing our attention back as many times as necessary.” In doing so, you are developing one of your most crucial faculties: your meta-attention. It’s one thing to know what you’re doing. It’s a profoundly more powerful thing to zoom the lens out on your life and see where to direct your effort for maximum impact.



Elevate your perception.
Have you ever boarded a plane and taken off in the rain, only to break through the cloud line into full sun? How did that make you feel? As you sit in meditation, begin by doing your best to quiet the static. Check in with your anchor points: (the breath, your straight spine, your tongue on the roof of your mouth, etc). Repeat to yourself: My Soul resides beyond this weather. The sun rises and shines within myself. My Soul resides beyond this weather. The sun rises and shines within myself…

#11for30. Meditators don’t quit South of 10. Guess what that makes you? You come through for yourself, and for others cuz that is what you do. Let me hear how it’s going on the FB page.

I’m #11of30 “My gratitude swells in #meditation. My #soul resides beyond this weather. The sun rises & shines within myself.” @thisepiclife #ThisEpic30

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