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Wow, is it really already Day 5? So happy for you to have made it this far. How were the exercises?

We have a lot to arm you with today. so let’s get started.
In this Day 5 video (10:31) we’ll cover:

  • How to leverage the Habit Loop to create a solid meditation habit over the next 30 days.
  • Using Insight Timer to connect with our community for support, accountability, and inspiration.
  • Recommendations for ongoing motivation & progress.


When I’m hired to run meditation retreats or in-company trainings, I get a ton of questions about tools and resources.

As I’ve mentioned this can be a sticky subject, because the last thing I want you to worry about is some silly app or website while you’re trying to silence your crazy thoughts. 🙂

However, I’ve spent a ton of time in researching, and experimenting with a host of tools to support my own practice.

Today we’re going to resolve to not only create, but to SUSTAIN your practice.

Please Note: These tools I’m about to share with you are only helpful if you’re achieving those 2 things above: creating an ongoing practice, and sustaining it. If they ever get in your way or become a distraction, forget about them and keep practicing.

Today is the day we’ve been working toward. Don’t give up now. It’s time to take our focus & attention (and therefore our #POWER) BACK.

PS. If you’re inspired by the 5-day journey so far: Click to Tweet -> Creating my #meditation habit day by day, and I’m inspired to persevere. @thisepiclife https://epicleadership.org/meditation

This is only the beginning. So excited for you, -kc

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