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Are you pretty clear on the difference between Meditation & Mindfulness?

Let’s go deeper into the benefits.

In this Day 3 video (10:08) we’ll cover:

  • The neurological benefits of a meditation practice including neuroplasticity & the rejuvenation of grey matter.
  • How to align our lives using a meditation practice for discernment.
  • Using discernment to guide Right Action in our busy lives.

A common question I get is how/why I carve out 60-90 minutes every day to meditate.

“Where do you find the time?”

The simple answer is: I usually borrow the time from when I would be sleeping.

“But aren’t you left feeling ragged and tired?”

Actually, no. Studies show that meditation is more restorative than sleep. I’ve found this to be true in my own experience as well. Although it’s not easy for anyone to pop out of bed before their kids and sit still for 60 minutes, my sitting sessions have become non-negotiable.

Through years of practice and experimentation, I know that my days will flow infinitely better (I’ll be happier, more focused, and “rested”) if I kick the day off in meditation.

Meditative concentration pulls our work output and energy “off the clock” by guiding what us yogis call “Right Action”.

As you’ll see in today’s video, not all action is created equal. If given a myriad of options and opportunities to allocate your action (as many of us do on a daily basis)…

How do you choose? That’s a tough question.

Most of us respond with “I look at my to do list”. The trouble is, that our list usually longer than the days we have to complete it. That can create anxiety and worry.

But, what if we can optimize our action in a way that creates a natural rhythm & flow?

Quick follow-up: Have you found an ideal spot to sit still and be quiet? I know it’s tough for us city dwellers! Would love to know how it’s going for you.

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