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Hey there! I’m Kristoffer Carter (call me kc), and I’ll be your emcee & teacher for this 5-day, free course. Let me personally welcome you to your on-ramp in creating a solid meditation practice.

This course will prepare you for the 30-Day Meditation Challenge, designed to solidify your life-changing habit.

In this first (9:57) video module we’ll cover:

“Seriously KC, I want you to package and sell the mindfulness/meditation/soul work you’re doing. Your work on the Good Life Project (alongside creator Jonathan Fields) has been amazing, and every time I listen, I wish  I could share it with many many many people!!! You do a brilliant job of supporting people moving from total beginner to steady meditator.”
– Laura Neff, Life Leadership Coaching


What I need from you…

Above all, I’m serious about getting you to show up & sit still consistently each day (for as little as a few minutes). I edited out any flowery fluff, and organized the course in a simple to navigate WHY-WHAT-HOW framework.

This note perfectly encapsulates the pain I hear from readers & retreat participants from all over the world:

“I’m struggling with the presence side of things, the spiritual side… My stupid head gets in the way of me living my ideal life. I’m smart and I know I’m smart but I make decisions that I justify in my own head, and of course those decisions end up being the wrong ones.” -Anonymous

I say ENOUGH! Let’s clear that static so we can let all of your inspiring signals through.

I literally despise the idea of my fellow humans suffering in uncertainty, fear,  or worst of all: self-loathing.

That’s why I’m giving this course away. We need as many people as possible meditating, and self-actualizing.

Let’s get started by getting crystal clear on the massive NEED for meditation in our daily lives.


So the question is…
Are you ready?


This is some Morpheus-Level, Red-Pill/Blue-Pill decision time right here.

It’s time we all wake up. Permanently:

I’m excited to be on this ride with you. Everything I’m about to share with you took me more than 15 years to learn, and put into practice.

Excited for you, -kc


PS. To track your progress, access my library of guided meditations, and join our growing community of meditators download the Insight Timer app for your iOs or Android device. Join the “This Epic Life – The Pause” Group. We’d love to meet you!

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